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Help Me Pass A Hair Follicle Test?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by J_Dawg, Nov 30, 2010.

  1. Can any blades on here give me any advice on how too pass a hair follicle test? Sorry if something similar to this thread has already been posted but I couldn't find it and I need too know pretty soon. Any help would be much, much appreciated.

    How long is THC supposed to stay in your hair for, anyways?

  2. It stays in your hair for years.My advice if this is important shave your head.
  3. I can't do that, because then it'll be obvious that I smoke.

    Any other suggestions maybe??
  4. hey man, ive been there. if u have a few days to wait, get online and find a product called ultra clean by zydot. shit is amazing. im tellin u man, it will work, ive used it. i actually have an extra box sittin here just in case. its about 70 bucks shipped next day but its worth it if its for a job,probation, or anything like that. i wish i could sell ya mine, need some dough for some nutes. check out my autoberry afghani grow! good luck manand dont shave ur head, they will take armpit hair or whatever they can get, and dont wear hair gel. i had to do it twice b/c i wore gel the first time, which saved me because i found zydot!
  5. Google Macujo Method..

    Don't waste money on some product online... I've heard this works...
  6. its not a waste if it works! you have only HEARD that it works. this is tried and true. but if u do try it and it works, put a thread on it, its always good to have some at home solutions, cuz 70 bucks is alot.

  7. Are you srs?
  8. I don't know how to help you with passing the test, but this website might help for duration
    Erowid Drug Testing Vaults : The Basics
    I am not 100% sure how legit it is but if its accurate they won't be able to detect it after 90 days
  9. Cut off all your hair and rub fish oil where you used to have hair
  10. Yeah my friend told me that zydot stuff works too, but also just wash your hair with shampoo like two/three times a day for about two or three weeks, perhaps even a month if you have enough time.
  11. There really isn't a sure way to get it out of your hair. The best way is to quit smoking for 2 weeks or more and than cut your hair. Than stay clean for a little longer so your hair grows out a little bit. Also if your pubes grow fast than quit for a week or two and than shave your pubes. Don't smoke for another 2 weeks or so. Cause if you don't have enough hair on your head they will take your pubes. Happened to me the second time I went for a hair folicle test
  12. 6-8 months at a time but if you keep your hair super long then you're fucked.
  13. Wow, bad advice and a total lack of knowledge. It is detectable via a hair test for roughly six months, sometimes less sometimes more. Shaving your head is not only obvious to them but they'll just use other hair from the body in that case.

    To the OP: there is no way to defeat a hair test. There are 'special' shampoos sold but they are scams and will not help you. Only time will do that.

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