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help me out?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by frosty russian, May 15, 2011.

  1. ok guys so i toked yesterday with my friend. We shared a joint and a bowl. It was some dank shit and this was the most ive ever smoked before. So after we smoked we went inside and it was the trippiest thing i have ever done. i got food and sat on the couch with my friend. I statred eating and like i kept forgetting how to breathe and swallow. I had irregular breathing like i would hold my breathe for some time. When i swallowed I felt all the hot food going down my throat and like felt the heat in my stomach. Also i was moving like the robot dance. i was moving all blocky and like moving in lines. (like my hands.) also everything was like a strobe light. (we were watching harold and kumar escape guantanamo bay). My friend was just laying on the couch and watching the movie while i was laughing my ass off for no reason. It was awsome. was all this stuff normal? I also cut myself an orange. fucken best idea in the world. it was like flavorful explosions in my mouth! thanks all:D

    Edit: ive smoked like 5 times before but i didnt smoke much. like half a joint.
    This joint was mad fat!
  2. You just got really high it's no big deal. that's why I took a 3month t-break so I could lower my tolerance, save weed, and get superhigh again
  3. that sounds like some crazy weed man lol, forgetting how to breathe? we should start some kind of how-to series for stoners; "how to squeeze out a shit while stoned".
  4. Yeah dude. You just got really ripped! How do you remember the details of your trip though? Toughasssss nails bro.
  5. Lol I watched that movie baked last night as well.
  6. Haha kinda reminds me of that cop that got overstoned eating brownies.

    This guys like "hey i smoked a joint right, then started tripping. WTF"
  7. Oh my God...No, this is not normal at all. It really sounds a lot like Super-AIDS.
  8. Hahahaha! Super aids ohhh no!!! I remember eating oreos with nutella....... An then just eatin nutalla with a spoon. Gross shit lol
  9. Yeah almost seems like anxiety. You were just so baked your were focusing on the things your body is supposed to do on its on. Don't focus too hard on your heart not beating ;)

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