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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by 360wayvin, May 21, 2010.

  1. wad up people i am a beginner, and my plants are a month and like 2 weeks old what i wanna kno am i doing sumpn wrong because when i look on you tube every plant that i have seen thats bout the same age is wayy bigger than mines and i dont kno whats goin on sum one help me out
  2. How do we know what you are doing right or wrong?

    Can you get some pics up here?

    Also, we'll need to know a lot more about your growing environment. Lights, soil/hydro, nutrients, temperature, humidity, etc.
  3. i have them outside , and i got sum miracle grow soil and sum miracle grow nutrients, i started them out in party cups, and kept em in the cups. my plan was to keep them in the cups till i felt they got big enuff to take the strong wind and heavy rain, and i also had them in like a recycle bin with like a plastic roofing over them to protect them from the heavy win and rain cus i kno in the past thats how most of my plants died. this is the farthest i have gotten with my plants they usually be dun died by now, but just 10 min ago what i did was i transplanted one of them in the ground and aother one in a bigger pot. and ye ima try my best to get sum picks up here. but um do u think its because it was sum regular seeds i got from around the way? i also got sum auto flowerinng seeds on the way. im trying to complete a grow the best way i can last year i had got 15 crystal seeds and i have messed all them up .but i did have one more left that i was growing with my other ones but idk y but it died on me . help me out man thanx:smoking:
  4. What is wrong with your plants besides them dying last time? Are your current plants simply smaller, or do they show signs of damage, stress, etc.?
  5. um they are just simply smaller than others to me and the two bottom leaves on both of them are dryed up lookin an wrinkled. but other than that they look ok, just small for to be a month or so old compared to the other ones
  6. thats your problem they will grow slower outside until a certain point but if its an ac up its not going to grow much.

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