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Help Me Out

Discussion in 'Picture Post Archive' started by grassmaniac, Oct 6, 2003.

  1. if you know what kind these shrooms are please help me out identifying them....PLEASE HELP ME ....PLEASE.....PLEASE

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  3. i really dont know what kind they are but if they are the right ones i have hit the spot cause theres got to be around 400-500 grams on that site.....please i say it again if you know the kind and you know for sure that they are psychedelic please tell me how should i pick them,when should i pick them and how should i dry them and for how long should dry them?

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  4. first where abouts do you live could you give maybe a better shot of the gills and i'll see what i can do.
  5. i live in the balkans ....and the weather was really hot by the end of the september and then october started to rain a lot during the nights and sunny during the day......the place where these shrooms grew is mostly the ground which i have fed with fertilizers while i was growing my marijuana plant....
    the gills are made of the same ......how should i put it...they are not like lines(underneath the cap)but the same as the whole surface of the mushroom ....they turn pink where injured....they are pretty much yellow .....and the cap turns from brown to dark brown when its picked...after a few hours....do you have any idea...just tell me what to do with them...to investigate more.....

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  6. another one

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  7. i am very eager to hear any opinion cause today i had to pick them i dont even know if i picked them right i put them on top of the closte in open air....please anyone....or at least give me a good link where i can post a picture and identify them as soon a s possible....
  8. i think you should consult a mycologist...... they dont look much like any shrooms that ive seen
  9. Accually they kinda look like the shrooms we call "Penis Envy", if they can be eaten, but I am not sure if those are it.

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