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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by OuTdOoR_GrOwEr7, Aug 3, 2003.

  1. I just started growing a few days ago and i need some help. Just for expeirience i planted some seeds out of my weed bag. I germinated them for a little while but im not sure if it was a long enough time. I planted them in small pot with soil and some miracle grow. Do you think they will grow?
  2. I really need some help here. I just started planting and i was wondering if anyone had any tips on outdoor growing? Anything will help. thanks
  3. Some of our best growers are not on lone at the moment... Be patient and you'll get some answers soon!!!!!

    In the mean time................. It is a weed.... It doesn't take much help to get it to start growing... You need alot of care to get the most out of it...

    They should do alright!!!
  4. Here is my story. I have been wanting to plant for a long time so i finally tried it, I germinated my seeds for about 6 hours then planted them in soil and miracle grow. They are outdoors nd get sun frm about 7 am to 7 30 pm. Is this enough light? Is there any special pertilizer i should use? Any help would me appreciated.
  5. i germinated them for about 6 hours..wasnt sure how long they needed.
  6. If this thread seems weird.................... I just merged three threads into one!!!!!!!
  7. im not really sure what kind it was. all i know is it wasnt the liquid. It was a blueish green and it had a sand like tecture. Is that good stuff or should i use something different?
  8. Hey dude, your like on the same dream im after. Ive been planning to grow outdoors for a really long time.. and now im planning but since the winter will arrive in about a month i have to wait till the last day of winter. Ive been researching off the internet for 1 and a half weeks. I hope when i begin my preparetion every thing will go good. :) Good luck to u bro !oh and can u tell me what kind of place you planted it? Like hows the enviroment is there a water source near by? like a creak lake or some thing. Maybe it can help me to get a good location too.
  9. You germed for 6 hours :O lol. Germination isn't just about putting them in the germination environment, you have to wait for the seeds to crack and a tap root to grow.
  10. I did the wet paper towel on a plate, and throw them in a drawer method, lol. It took about a day for one to germ, two days for the 2nd to crack open. Then after waiting a 3rd day, the rest just got moldy. So it shouldn't take all that long, just make sure you are providing a moist humid environment for them. I also recommend putting the seed into a 12/16oz. red solo cup (like beer pong cups) and put a zip lock bag over the cup to make a little humidity dome. Some people may say not to do this, but it's worked well for me, so i'm passin it along.

    Also, if you handled the seeds after smoking a cigarette or a blunt or what have you, I have heard that getting nicotine on the seeds can basically insta-kill them. So before handling anything make sure you wash your hands! :)
  11. You have to wait for a tap root. Sounds like he just germed for 6 hours and even though nothing happened he stuck em in ground.

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