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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Canabis_Kid, May 22, 2013.

  1. So this is my first grow I read up alot and try to do my best but compared to all your plants mine are a joke. I'm not sure how to upload pictures but my plant is a week old and only has the two banana leafs and first two razors. But one of the razors is shriveled and small. Is this bad? Also how do I know when new leafs are coming in?

    What I'm using
    - I am using reaglar gardening soil
    - Alternating between a 40 watt regular, 100 watt fluorescent, and the window
    - I water whenever it gets dry

    Soon I'm going to move it outside I also want to have some started outside would I just put them strait I'm the ground an water them?
  2. first an foremost lighting and nutes are everything, anything else can be adapted as needed, do a search about lumen requirements, watts per sqft, temps and ph levels, im sure u may have briefly read about some of these but the more u learn first the better chances u have of not being as pissed as u can be at ur first grow, but yes with the light u have as of now going outside will do u better than any amount of lights ever could. most of all u will learn as u go no matter wat u read or hear. to answer ur ?.... u more than likely have a nute deficiency u can buy a cheap ph test kit either the strips or liquid,for a week old the size may be a tad bit small but again that goes back to lighting. unless u top or fim(way too early) all leaves will appear an grow from intersections of the branches an the exact top of plant, when they grow u can see they progress before ur eyes over a few days from jus popping out to nice horizontal defined leaves
  3. Thanks and I reasearched it all trust me.. Ima bring it outside in two more weeks and I think the leafs was burnt by my light cas it gets really hot. Also I have notice the second set just coming in. How do I post pictures?
  4. For posting pic if u hit the more reply options button u should be able to put pics from ur gallery. As for the gallery itself u set up a name for it then upload from ur computer or phone . I do both

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