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  1. So this is my first grow I read up alot and try to do my best but compared to all your plants mine are a joke. I'm not sure how to upload pictures but my plant is a week old and only has the two banana leafs and first two razors. But one of the razors is shriveled and small. Is this bad? Also how do I know when new leafs are coming in?

    What I'm using
    - I am using reaglar gardening soil
    - Alternating between a 40 watt regular, 100 watt fluorescent, and the window
    - I water whenever it gets dry

    Soon I'm going to move it outside I also want to have some started outside would I just put them strait I'm the ground an water them?
  2. make sure you germinate the seeds that you start outdoors before you put them in the soil. Im on my first grow and its going successful, just make sure to go the extra mile to get the quality bud you want.
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  4. You gotta lot of shit to learn to get thing just right
    1: learn to up load pix
    2: Force yourself to read a good Mj book, Cervantas got lots of pics 
    3: Get a good light for your plants, at least 4x 23w cfl's or just this 


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