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    Okay so there's this girl, her name's Brittany.
    Me and her dated about 4 years ago for like 2 months, and did NOTHING but hold hands mostly. We kissed ONCE, due to me having no balls and couldn't grow a pair to give her a peck on the lips as she was my first girlfriend and my first kiss. (No, I wasnt a prude till I was 14, 4 years ago I was like.. 12, yes still pretty pathetic, whatever, but for the sake of grasscity, as of this moment, I am 18 ;)) We broke up and stopped talking for like 6 months. We started talking again and developed a friendship. Now we're like best friends, only problem is I think I like her again, possibly love her with all we've been through the past 3 years as best friends. Except I have no idea how she feels towards me. Ever since we've declared each other as best friends, we cuddle on the couch when we watch movies, when we meet up we hug for like 3 minuites, we talk about all our problems, and it's pretty much the best relationship you can have with a girl without actually kissing, hooking up, or whatever. We've been doing this for like 2 and a half years, so I don't know if I should think of it as just us being best friends, or us just having unsaid feelings between each other. I don't know if I should tell her, because if she doesn't feel the same way, I could end up ruining an amazing friendship with someone I would regret losing as a friend. We've both had relationships in the past 3 years, though she had more then me becuase I still barely have a pair. I'm not a virign anymore, and she is. (if it's important, at all?) If it matters at all, we've smoked together and done Robitussin together so shes not against drugs. I sleep over her house, she sleeps over mine, my parents love her, her mom loves me (her dad is... not around. not dead, just... not around.) Also, I told her I would go to junior prom with her, and she told me if she didn't find someone she'd let me know. About a week later she asked me if I could still go to her prom with her. We're going to her junior prom together and she's teaching me how to dance, cause I suck ahaha.

    I just want to see what you guys have to say about this, maybe a little advice, it would be awesome.

    Also, please don't bash me because I'm "not as mature as you" becuase had I not said anything, no one on this site would have ever known anything about my age. I've been told I'm very mature for my age and would love for you guys to not be ageist. There are plenty of younglings on this site, I'm sure you know.
    Also don't give me some bullshit like "TRY TO PUT IT IN HER!" because I'm among the few guys who don't NEED sex to live, I can handle not "getting some." (of course it's an awesome plus, it's just that I've found that it ruins relationships when your so young and it's such a big deal...)
  2. I had a similar situation back in the day...

    I never dated the girl but for about a year and a half we were absolute best friends very much the same situation you described. I too lacked a pair of balls for quite awhile but eventually I came out and told her I cared about her as more than a friend. Now sadly for me she did not and yes it was akward for a few days BUT ONLY A FEW DAYS since that time we have remained good friends (until recently when we went our seperate ways but in no way was it caused by that it was just time to move on) anyways kinda rambling now...

    Moral of the story is take a shot but do it "gently" if you know what I mean... I have no regrets because I took my shot even though I didn't get the girl I know that I would still be kicking myself to this day for not trying.

    Go for it
  3. yeah. i think if I do I should wait till after the prom, which is at the end of march. This way I wont be royally screwing her over as a prom date if she doesn't feel the same way.
  4.'re 16? :rolleyes:
  5. It sounds like she's awesome for you. Kudos on the "younglings" drop. IF you have feelings for her (not sure I understand what kind of advice you're looking for) tell her. It shouldn't be hard if you guys are as close as you say you are. Friend's don't normally cuddle. It seems to me that neither one of you have a pair enough to talk to the other (jp), and both of you are happy with what you have now. Try kissing her one day on the couch. See what happens. Definately go to the prom with her. Girls cool enough to smoke with, cuddle with, and teach you to dance, are pretty rare, and it sounds like she might be diggin' you. GL let us know how things go.
  6. Yea bro if u say ur good friends with her explain ur feelings. I had a similar situation a year ago but I didnt say anything and needless to say I lost her. But In a more recent note we started talking again so who knows how it will go this time.
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    thats what i got out of the post.


    im sorry, but GTFO -- you aren't old enough to be here and you know it.
    and you're dumb for posting your age, you'll be banned in a few minutes
    buhbye :wave:
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    Clearly you didn't read all of it.

    Let me break this down for you:

    1. Rules are meant to be broken. You and I break the law by smoking marijuana. What makes you so much better then me just because I'm not 18?

    2. I posted my age so that people who have had a similar experience in their teenage years know where I'm coming from. Things change when you get older, and being able to think back and relate to the situation I'm in would help me get the best possible advice.

    3. I'm not scared of being banned. How hard would it be for me to make another account and just act the same way I was before I had said anything about my age?

    4. Last time I checked, it's not legal to smoke once you're 18. It's still illegal (unless of course you have Medical MJ). In no way am I putting this site at risk of ANYTHING more then what it's already at risk of.

    5. Grow up.

    My friend tyler also says I should do the same. I'm deffintaly going to give it a go. It's just a matter of timing. I like things to be done when it feels right. She's special, you know? I respect her and I want things to be done right.

    Thanks for the heads up. Good luck with her man.

    I really wish I could delete this post. It is the most pointless thing in this thread and just takes up space. Please be more constructive, especially if you're going to criticize me.
  9. IP ban.
  10. Sounds like your stuck in the "friend zone" bro, that sucks
  11. [​IMG]
  12. You get IP banned for not being of age? Does it eventually lift? It wouldn't make sense to ban you forever, as you will eventually turn 18.

    You have enough time to find that picture and post it, but not enough time to say anything constructive? You seriously need to grow up. My little brothers who are 11 and 12 act more mature then you.

    Lol, Thanks.
  13. Obviously we don't need this thread anymore lolz

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