Help Me Out With These Bugs (Symphillids)?

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  1. I flushed out one of my plants few days ago cause it was looking a bit crap but when the water filled above the soil lots of tiny moving bugs started coming up out of the soil and moving around the water like crazy then when the water went down into the soil again they went with it. I've been trying to identify them for days and think I've found what they are symphillids which feed off the roots of the plant . I had no choice but to return it to the tent with the other plants as I didn't have any were else to put it . I haven't checked the other pots but I'm sure by now they would of got into them all. Has any one else had these that could give me any tips on what to expect or does anyone recognise from the pictures if they look like anything else maybe ? image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg View attachment 1208200 image.jpg

    This is gs jack herer I think , pictures were taken on the first day of week 9 into flower cycle , I don't know how long I've had these bug things in my soil and am now worried sick that I'm going to loose the lot through these bugs :(
    If they are what I think they are then it says to kill them with fungus gnat killer (B.T) powder form which I've searched for but can't find anything only bug killer I could find in a dust for was something like ant powder but not sure if its safe to use it on top of my plant soil incase it's not safe to use on cannabis can anyone please help with any ideas or from past experience . I'm waiting for my fungus gnat off to come off the Internet as there's no shop with anything like this around we're I live and I'm going out my mind worrying about this
  2. If I were you I'd eject each plant from it's pot, cup the root zone and wash off the soil and transplant into fresh soil. You could set each plant into a big bucket of water and gently wash soil from the roots, then go from there. The plants will simply react as if it's flooded.
  3. There in 2 gallon pots and really root bound now after 8 weeks veg and 8 weeks flower if I was to try get soil away it would break all the roots I can't see there being any loose soil at this stage . What if I held the tub under water for a good while would it drown them or at least lift then all out the soil as they all went to the surface of the water when I flooded it an I tipped them out a couple of times with the water on top of the soil . I wonder if they can drown eventually . Have you had these things before? One of my plants looks almost done maybe I should cut it down ASAP incase I do loose the crop what do you think there in week 9 now this is a picture of the one that's nearly ready it's pineapple chunk image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg

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  4. Symphillids
  5. I'm happy to report that I've identified this critter as a different type of springtail. They're called folsomia candida and are a relatively common springtail, but their spring is small to nonexistant and hidden under the body. I haven't seen one jump yet persoanlly. They are commonly used springtails in research so there's a few academic articles on them.

    I've had different, more jumpy springtails before so I'm aware that they're not harmful
  6. Oh thank you so much for this info , that's good news that they are not what I thought . So how did you get rid of yours and did they not do any harm to your plants . I've just had my gnat off delivered should I treat my plants with this now or not , it said to kill symfllids I needed to use fungus gnat killer will it harm my plants to treat them this late in flower cause if not I think I'd like to treat them incase I have something that is harming my plants
  7. I've just been through that post you put up showing different bugs etc could I have thripes in the early stage b4 they get wings do you think ?

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