Help me out with my new bong!

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  1. Hey guys and gals my buddy just bought me a nice bong for my birthday and I love it but it has a picture of Bob Marley's face on it that i kinda want to remove (I love his music and all but I think it makes the bong look really cheap), so do you guys think if i took a wire brush to it, it would take off the paint without scratching the glass? and if not I'm welcome to taking other suggestions. Thanks in advance.
  2. i would say, leave it the way it is. bongs, pipes, and what not come and go so just try to make it last instead of ruining it. then someday down the line, you'll meet someone with a bob marley bong and you'll be able to say "hey i used to have a bob marley bong." and la-dee-dah i'm predicting your future for ya...
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    I would be interested in knowing as well. I have a stash jar thats very nice but it says "HIGH TIMES" on it and it looks freakin stupid.

    EDIT: Just read that soaking in CLR will work. I dont know if it does or not but I read it.
  4. is it a sticker sand blasted on? is some sort of sticker i would peel as much as i could off then soak it in water then scrub with goof off

  5. Whats CLR?
  6. Somethin - Lime - Rust's a cleaner of some sort.
  7. Calcium Lime RUST. A cleaner to remove calcium, lime, and rust from showers, sinks, ect.

    Personally I dont believe it will do anything. Google it man. Thats where I found it.

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