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  1. Ok, i have been reading. And reading. Fuck, i looked at these forums before i even signed up way back when. Anyway!

    I have a problem, which is my own stupidity! I just dont understand nutrients and everything involved with it.

    Is it better to start out with soil with shit already in it? ((like Miracle Grow)) or is it better to get "plain potting soil" and add that white shit ((forget the name))

    Also, if i am using plain soil, how do you measure out nutes to make sure you dont kill your plants? Noone ever realy goes into a lot of detail about how they feed their plants.

    Can anyone point me in the right direction to a "Nutrients for dummies" thread or something? :)

    I hope my people from the city come threw and help me out.
  2. hey man. well im not too sure about any threads on this, as you say this isnt brought up very much. however i will try me best to give you all the info about nutes that i can.
    1) there has been a large debate over whether miracle grow soils with pre-added nutrients are suitable for use in growing marijuana, altough it is definatley substantiated that continuous release soils are a big no-no whether they are miracle grow or not.
    2) there are many different types of nutrients, but basically they are either organic, synthetic, or a combination of the two. again, much deabte still hangs over this subject as to which type of nutrient is best to use for growing marijuana.
    3) the "white shit" which you so affectionatley dubbed LOL is actually called perlite, which is a non-toxic, ph neutral volcanic rock with has thousands of tiny air bubbles and thus, a huge surface area. purlite is generally used to provide the roots with more efficient aeration, and it also helps to provide good drainage and water retention. purlite is not the only substance available for use in this way, there is another called vermiculite, but this basically does the same job in the same way so i didnt deem it necessary to go into detail over. these rocks do not actually contain any nutrients, so they would be of no benefit to the plant nutrient wise, but they would allow the plant a better quality of life.
    4) if you were using plain soil, a great way to make sure you do not over-fertilise your plant(s) is to check the back of the bottle to see how much you should dilute the nutrients to every litre/gallon (obviously...) and measure out the nutrient accordingly with a measured syringe and dilute it accuratley that way. note: this is, of course if the nutrients are in liquid form, but if they are in powder form, they will usually include a measured spoon in the box for you, and the back of the box will tell you how many spoons to use to every litre/gallon. i hope this helps, and if you need any further help, PM me and ill help all i can. always willing to help a contributer to the city :)
    Just Blaze It.....

  3. Hey diamond, how goes it?

    I've never had problems with using 100% organic materials.

    I have that white stuff (perlite), regular potting soil, organic compost, fish emlusion, some guano, and blood and bone meal. I'm saving the guano-blood and bone meals for outdoors.

    I mix 1 part composting, 1 part potting soil, and half a bale (give or take) of perlite. Mix it around nice and good( I use one of those baby swimming pools).

    The GREAT thing with organics, you can't over do it. with the emulsion, I use half the recommended dose and add to it as time goes by. You will get a better understanding of how much each plant needs.

    hope this helps you.

    P.S. don't buy soil mixes that have time release ferts in it already, this will burn your plants.

  4. lol i thought i covered all that......
  5. Heh, so it says it on the back ey? Who woulda thought? ;) When the little gals first get some nutes, everyone says they use a portion of the rec. dose... how do i calculate what that is?

    I currently have 4 seedlins in 24oz styrophome cups with just plain potting soil. i didnt get any perlite ((white shit)) cuz well i dont know. I hope that doesnt effect water drainage. I guess we will see. 3 of them are about 1/2 inch out of the soil, and 1 i can see is getting ready to poke her head threw. I plan on learning as much about nutes as possible, because to me, this is the only area that will cause me problems.

    Can anyone recommend good nutes that are easily found? You know the N-P-K numbers and shit?? Are those on nute bottles too? Or just soil with it already in there?

    ^^Question about that last sentence... if people buy soil with 12-12-12 or whatever, how do they switch it to the flowering shit?? Do they just transplant the whole thing into a bigger pot with the flower soil around the other shit? HEH! so confused.

    ::goes back to searching about nutes::
  6. Well one of the first things you seem to not get is that miracle grow is not a nutrient nor is the stuff in the soil, those are all ferts. (or other matierals that help drain, etc) Nutrients cant really be added into a bag of soil because you have to add them gradually as time passes and change the amount due to the plants needs.
  7. So... why do people get soil with NPK and shit if they have to add the nutes anyway? Or am i high and i need to come back lateR??
  8. You do not HAVE to add nutrients.. Im high and im here now.

    But the choice is optional. Most of the time you'll get away with beauty buds that is if you know what your doing somewhat. But last year my friend had an ok setup that yeiled about less than an ounce per plant and he was pretty pissed, he used organic nutes the next time and got around 1 oz and a half per plant.

    Nutrients are a completely stand alone product. Just buy a big jug of it, feed em to your plants. There's always directions on the back. It's really not that complicated, if you know how to water correctly you can feed nutes.

  9. Looks like i need to go searching while i am shopping then. Instead of looking on different forums for an answer-less question?

    Thnx for the help guys
  10. Hopefully you've got a hydroponics shop around you.. if not, your better off ordering nutes from one.
  11. Sorry, but im a newb when it comes to nutes. just to make sure... i WILL be able to tell the diff. from which ones are for soil and which are for hydro right? or are they the same?
  12. It really shouldn't matter, if it was hydro you would just dump them into your water resivour, if it was soil just dump a cup in the pot.

    Here is the supplier of my hydroponics shops inventory, and heres the nutrients that we have for selection.

    Now here are Organic FERTS.

    The ferts you mix with the proper amount of soil (says on bag). The nutrients, you're going to use a tiny tiny amount as your vegging.. then as you move up it gradually becomes more.

    Hope that helped.. lol
  13. the first link is the WHOLE thing i have problems with!

    How do i know what to get? Any recommendations?

  14. You may have, But I didn't bother reading it. No punctuation or paragragh form is hard on the eyes.

    One thing to keep in mind, marijuana acts differently to ferts made for other things, which is why it's a good idea to use HALF the recomended dose.

    GL rasta..

    p.s. My best advice is to go 100% organic, you may never turn back. :)

  15. Haha sorry. thats the one thing I cant help ya with. Im sure if your patient enough one of the highly expirenced growers will chime in and tell ya what they prefer.. lol

    Because frankly I still dont know which nutrients we're going to use for an upcoming grow
  16. lol fuck, iight thanks for the link hoast.

    thc u got n e thing on organic nutes that u can help me with? or you just talkin about soil?
  17. OMRI Alaskan Fish Emulsion fertilizer 15-1-1

    Whitney Farms Bat Guano 10-3-1

    Whitney Farms ' Bone meal 3-15-0 or for cheaper stuff Hi-Yeild bone meal

    And finally, Whitney Farms blood meal, 13-0-0

    You can find all of this at Mclendons hardware.:smoke:


  18. lol ok. sorry....i guess i wrote all that for nothing....
  19. Oh, if you can get ahold of a bag of Foxfarm soil.. do it

  20. Yeah, good soil. Used it awhile till I found I could get better stuff locally and making my own:D

    I got a link to the soil in my sig.


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