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  1. So I've been growing outside for a good 3 to 4 months and my plants are covered in bud but I feel like the place they are they will found or stolen so I want to bring them inside to finish them off. I've read some stuff but I don't know what kind of light I should get. And also I haven't been using nutes and I was wondering if I put them inside if I can keep feeding them just straight water. Or if they will just fry. I'm new to growing so help me out please. Also I have money but I would like to get a light for cheap since the plants are almost done anyways.
  2. hi!! you can bring them inside.but if you want good buds and buz it is better
    to use a hps lamp at 12/12.

    keep it growing
  3. CFLs work. Remember about 80-100 true watts per plant. Don't water the plant on the leaves or you'll get burnt leaves. Honestly I would suggest a flowering nute system but if you only think its gonna be a week til harvest just stick with water unless you are planning on ever growing inside. Nutes come in large bottles that will last you a long time if you feed according to schedule inside.
  4. I'm was planning on getting a hps light. What kind of nutes like kool bloom or something like that?
  5. If the plant has been outside it's whole life with the sun's spectrum, moving it inside may stress the plant. I recommend not doing it.
  6. Yeah I don't want to do it I'm looking for a nice spot to put then
  7. it wont be stress.because they are almost finished.if it was in the begining of flowering
    it might be stress.but not at the end i mean 1 week or 2 max of harvest

    keep it growing

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