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  1. I have 11 seedlings 2 are 13 days old and the other 9 are 9 or 10 days old. They all are bag seeds. Well the older two when I put them in dirt I only had one solo cup so I used a plastic soda bottle with the top cut off. Now I a very now at this grow thing as I have never done it before. So I put the 2 in the dirt and I watered them 2 times a day with no holes in the cups then I started to read a lot of posts on here. Long story short I over watered them 2 every day for a week. I have not have gave them any water now for 4 or 5 days now and the one in the soda bottle has not dryed out its still very wet. So I got some of the solo cups and cut a hole in it and when I took it out of the dirt and the root had at some point had broke or rotted off it looks like it had started to grow back a little bit but stopped. Is there any thing I can do to help her out she still looks good for all that I have put her through. Thanks for any help
  2. And all of them will be grown out side and I don't have any cash to buy the food that they need. I live next to a farm and can get all the cow and pig sh$t that I want. Is any of that stuff good to use? Thanks again for any help
  3. Don't water it that much, it depends on how quickly the solid drains but it's usually once every 3-5 days.
    Yeah cow shit is great.
  4. I stopped watering her hopping that it would dry up but if it is then it's not much at all. I put her in new dirt. I had read that you can mix little rocks in to help with the air so I did that to. I will get some cow shit and mix that in there new dirt home when that time comes. So you think that she will make it with what I put her through?

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