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help me out my brothuz!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by phiegnux, May 12, 2006.

  1. ok. got busted maybe 3 weeks ago. since then ive only smoked twice. both times it was with mids or beasters at best (not TOO terribly high in THC, but it had it nonetheless). i havnt gotten my papers yet. this was my first offense. i was caught with paraphernalia, then tested pos for thc (which the pigs will call possesion) and got a citation for cigs which might get dropped. worst case scenario is maybe a month probo. other than that it will be a 90 DD or something.

    anyway my question is regarding Vitamin B. I hear B-12 is most recomended for aid in cleaning your system, but i happen to have a bottle of Vitamin B-6 and am curious as to the similarities between them. i wont start popping them till i know what they really are, but if they are similar enough to B-12, ill probably use them. feedback and suggestions are MUCH obliged.

    (P.S. as i was typing this post, the fuckin pigs came to my door with my motherfuckin papers, hahaha, i thought that was funny)
  2. Hey man what's up? I just got my grow busted about a month ago. Some crack head found out I was livin life to easy and decided to be a crack head(I hate them bastards). I got poped with 80 plants and thank god I got so high the night before because it was time to take more clones and that would of pushed me over the 100 mark and yes I cryed like a little baby after it sunk in. Years of hard work and study down the drain. They got me for manufacturing, possession with intent to sell. I still haven't recieved my papers yet either. Not looking forward to the jail time, but all well that's the price you pay. Okay sorry bout all that at but to answer your question B-6 is not the same and it's not going to flush your system. B-12 works but you have to put a crap load into you to do any good.Yuk! Nasty shit! Just go down to your local head shop and spend 30-40 bucks on crap to help you pass . Hope this helps! PEACE OUT ! keep yer head up we are growing in numbers they can't bust us all HA!HA!HA!:D
  3. buy AZO standard or Niacin instead of b-12... search the forums and youll find instructions

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