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  1. Well First off I have no idea why I am getting advice from a pot smoking forum. But whatever, GC is family!

    Okay so I have been talking to this girl for awhile and its very obvious she likes me, obviously I like her. If I would ask her out I know she'd say yes, but I want it to not be so gay, like making it "cute" or whatever you girls like.

    How should I do it?

    Oh yeah, we smoke together, so atleast it has something to do with maryj
  2. Well if you smoke together then obviously you are chilling together, so why don't you just make a move on her?
  3. tell her you think she's freakin' hot then ask her out

    ..that moves it out of the cute zone and she knows straight up you're not asking her out as "a friend"
  4. lol

    Asking girls out is so gay, dude
  5. You know how I know you're gay?

    You asked out a girl.
  6. dude, honestly just be chill. straight up tell her you find her fuckin beautiful. emphasize the word fuck as it helps get the point across.

    then say you wanna take her out to dinner or a club sometime.

    should be super easy. especially since you're already a friend. you know she'll say yes apparently, she's obviously just waiting for you to make a move.

    get to it mister.
  7. Like it came straight out of GQ Magazine :cool:
  8. Does it sound less gay too cos he says fuck, oh so masculine. "I fucking love ya"
  9. This is going to be the manliest girl advice thread ever

  10. burt reynolds wouldn't be a pussy. he'd just be straight forward with her and tell her.

    also, my advice comes from experience. never laid eyes under a GQ's cover. probably never will.

    There are better magazines for chick advice lol.
  11. No no, trust me the moves have been made. I am talking about as a girlfriend
  12. oh.

    well seeing how you just took care of the hard part that we thought you were stuck on, just be sweet, tell her how you truly feel (girls dig on the truth) and it sounds like you wont have any issues. being sweet and saying the things she loves to hear from you work out.

    sucks there arent more girls posting to help you out, but every girl's different and it seems like you're pretty much good to go so just do it man. She'll probably like it no matter what.
  13. ^^

    ok dude. now thats advice from a girl. open your eyes and read(not that ill say sth that original...anyway)

    if theyre already been moves just next time you kiss or have sex or whatever the moves are, tell her that you like her more to keep her as just a friend or a fuck buddy. in no way dont say stuff like i will take care of you i am like that, like this etc.. you are not supposed to say such stuff you are supposed to do such stuff..
    just speak your mind and she'll appreciate it. be open and honest and she'll know what you want.

    you could also ask her what she wants from you and show that you wont freak out if she says she wants a relationship,so that she can speak her mind too.

    in general let the male in you do the job. it always works.;)
    let us now how it went. and its not gay askin girl out.just tell her you feel the need/lust/desire to take her out sometime(betwen funny and serious) and meet her better.see how she reacts and set a date.

    just be yourself/ALL IN ALL be a man.ask her out.tell her shes too sexy or smart or sensual or cute or whatever she is to pass. ;)

    still i need to know what the moves are.
  14. complete brutal honesty works for me. seriously when i met my current girlfriend i straight told her it had been a while since i spoke to any women and had just gotten divorced and wasnt really sure what i was doing. we sat down and started talking here it is about a year after the fact and we are still dating
  15. dude get munchies slash date together
  16. Uhh...make a move and ask her out like take her on a date and call her and do the norm, just b forward and be like "Hey,we've been hanging out alot lately, and i really like you, i was wondering if you want to be my girlfriend." she'll say yes sex ensues.
  17. Ha thanks for the advice everyone, we have been dating for a week now :p. Long as time right haha. You have to start somewhere.

  18. this is probly old news anyways but lol... u should go to a drive in and smoke weed and watch a movie and then maybe kiss or something.... coming from a girl.... this is awesome!!

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