Help me out in this smoking at home dilemma...

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  1. Ok - so here's the deal. I smoke in my basement (using glass), so it never smells in my room. My mom knows i smoke, but i dont think she knows how much i smoke... and definitely not how much i smoke at home. The thing is, I really miss smoking my joints and blunts. I can't take it anymore - Im much more a J or L person than glass. I can't, for obvious scent reasons, smoke a joint or blunt in my basement/house.

    Now, I'm a nighthawk, so a lot of my blazing goes down when my brother and mom are asleep anyways - but my mom is the lightest sleeper ever. If i were to open the front door, sliding glass/back door, or garage door, she'll hear it and wake up (I live in a ranch... one floor with a basement... only way out in the basement is through an insanely loud boqued).

    I can, however, very easily go into my garage and smoke...
    I've smoked in a closed garage before then opened it, and there wwas no smell...
    what if i smoked in it but didn't open it... (itd have hours to sit/air out though)... anyone have experience with this? would it smell?

    damn i just wanna smoke a blunt sooooo bad lol.

    I might just leave at 1am, hope she doesn't hear me, and if she does, oh well, i'll just tell her i went to go get some food - at which point she'll know immediately how baked i am lol
  2. haha, man dont smoke in your garage. i had the door wide open andthat shit still lingers for hours, its how i got caught one time (it didnt end well)
  3. haha ok, that settles that. now... how to bounce n blaze...

    see, i can say im going to a friends, but then i need to be gone for a decent amount of time. I think i'll twist up a nice, fat spliff (with blue lotus and weed, not tobacco) that'll last a while. I'll just go on a cruise i suppose, and then find a good place to park n just listen to some music. Hell i mite even come back on gc in my car on my phone since i'll prob be bored.

    I could just smoke some bowls here, but im just too damn sick of that. I need a blunt or joint.

    i think i'll depart around 11:30... that won't seem too sketchy.
    "I'm just "goin to get food with __________, I'll be back soon (aka when your asleep)"
    of course she'll say its kind of late to go get food, and of course she'll say i have no money, and theres plenty of food at home. But i'll just be like, fuck that bitch i want taco bell... inevitably, she won't understand, and probably just assume i'm high anyways.

    hmm... ohh the dilemma.

    we'll see how it goes lol
  4. i feel you man...bong and bowl hits are sweet but nothing beats a nice relaxing joint or blunt..

    i personally enjoy taking a long walk and just blazing a blunt or two along the way..i take the high a lot better and its a nice "atmosphere"

    i used to say retarded shit like

    "ill brb, im checking the wifi range of our router" or something retarded...they believed me at the time cause i was always doing retarded shit with computers
  5. I smoke in my garage all the time. If you have incense just light one afterwards or during your blunt and you shouldn't have a problem.

    It couldn't hurt to let it air out but IMO you could probably get away with it...
  6. Yeah, I agree with Full Melt. I smoke in my garage all the time also, I haven't had a problem with it really. You just need to make sure that it has PLENTY of time to air out (a good few hours) otherwise the smell would linger, at least that's how it is for me. Anyways good look on your endeavor I hope that blunt or joint smokes well.
  7. yea, that deffinitely wouldn't work, especially with my brother home, lol. I mite just say im going to my friends house down the street (she'll think its weird that im walking there, but w/e)... i love walking/blazing as well, and i got a nice neighborhood to do it in. Of course im bringing my switchblade this time - i saw a coyote, 2 foxes and a skunk on my last walk

    hmm. ok. Well, i'm not gonna risk it tonight, but I'm going to do a full blown, myth-busters, experiment next time my mom is gone for a few hours. Ill bake out my garage, let it all marinate, and return in a few hours to examine the smell. If it smells, i'll spray bugspray around... very "garage" smell lol. I wish there was a door in my garage (like, a door, not a huge mechanical garage door) that led outside, so i could leave my house without making so much noise
  8. if i ever have a joint, i'd go outside while everyone is asleep. but if i just use my glass, i just sploof it in my room. and the smell is usually gone by morning if you have a good fan running.
  9. well yea, thats my dilemma. Im smoking a bowl in my basement, sploofing as we speak. Its very hard for me to go outside unnoticed, though for a J or L - my mom wakes up at the sound of a pin drop
  10. When you see her going to sleep just open of the doors so its ready for you when you can tell she's asleep. I did this before, just left the garage door opened and snuck out, I'd advise possibly just smoking outside...most people will be asleep and won't be able to tell if you are smoking anything.
  11. i dunno man :( i guess just stick with yo glass, if thats the only way you can blaze.
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    All right, I have a decently sized two car garage and I smoke in their all the time without problems, granted my parents know I blaze BUT I have no problems with the smell.

    After I'm done smoking a blunt, ill just smoke a cig and when I exhale make sure I spread the cancer wealth around the room. Then a couple spritz from a frebreeze bottle and you are good to go my man. No smell at all!

    Also use a sploof. Problem solved.

    Another note! I dont know what others are saying. The smell is gone within an hour at most for me, and I blaze almost everyday in my garage.

    BUT go on a walk man. Walking with a blunt feels so good. The wind in your hair, the silence. Time to recollect all your thoughts of the day and past. So good.

    Sorry for the long response, im on addys :bongin:
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    Take a midnight walk? I doubt they'll suspect a thing if you tell them in advance.
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    lol. When she goes to bed, she usually tells me to go put the garage down, and she's kinda ocd about it. Im just gonna bounce, and if she asks me where i went i'll just say i went to get some T-bell. Worst case scenerio she knows i'm stoned, its happened before - i just want to avoid that awkward situation from now on. I'll probably just blaze at my dads apartment down the street. I can walk to this really nice pond with benches around it n whatnot. Security guards roll through but whatever, im just a dude smoking something on a bench... the benches are meant to be sat on

    [edit] hmm. ok maybe i will try smokin in the garage then. I dont have cigs so i cant do that after, but i can spray some ozium. My mom is super sensative to the smell of smoke. She ALWAYS smells it on me when im 100% certain i dont even smell... but i might give it a shot... whats the worst that can happen?
  15. Oh damn. Worked on my mom, she's a really light sleeper as well, plus I was caughing like a motherfucker entire time haha. Yea good luck though, hope your blunt/joint serves you well :smoking:
  16. My parents are very strict and paranoid about drug use and think a toke a week is an addiction, so I've had to get wise about smoking. If youre house is a one story house, open one of your windows in your room past the little alarm thing that makes the beep in the house so that it is about 2-3 inches open. Make sure to do this in the daytime or evening before it is too late so that if they hear the noise they wont be suspiscious. Then around 11.30-12 just open the window a little more and go onto your roof or just outside. Be sure to check the lay of the land as twigs and leaves can sometimes be your worst enemies. If you have a screen seperating you from the outside, most are removable by the two little black nylon tabs on the bottom. Simply lift up on them by applying pressure and then push it out. Practice this before hand as it may be noisier than you think. If youre unable to take out the screen in the dark, try finding a solution to removing it in the daytime, say when youre parents are out, or atleast enough so that if they glanced at it from either the inside or outside, they wouldnt notice the tampering.

    If this is also a problem, try to find a door in your house that your parents dont check (maybe if your basement is above ground, say on a hill, idk, I live in FL so its common) or in the farthest corner from your parents bedroom. Before they go to bed, and since you said your mom checks the locks before she goes to bed, open the door slightly, past the alarm sound point, and if she asks, tell her you were just making sure the door was locked.

    Hope this helps, if you need any more solutions, just hit this thread up again.
  17. sploof, and a fan facing out the window.
    take your drag and when your done hitting it just put ur j/ blunt/L down by the fan and it will suck all the smoke outside
    hope that makes sence im fuckin blazed off my rocker yo:smoking:
    i dont really have a rocker
  18. Just put some music on low or a TV then slip out your bedroom window!
  19. Can't just open a bedroom window?
  20. haha thats actually exactly what i used to do... but i hated being so sketchy, and then getting paranoid if i made a noise. I'm over being sketched and high, not worth it anymore lol. Plus when im struggling to climb back into my window, i always feel like somebody is gonna see me n think some lunatic is breaking into my house haha

    nah, i did that at my house at school all year, and with a fan blowing out - and my room constantly reeked of bluntage. I can't do that to my room in my mothers house.

    Keep the ideas comin, they may help me at a later date or may help somebody else - but for now, im just "going to taco bell." I hear the symptoms of there food aren't just bowel movements and gas, but also red-eyes and the semi-inability to speak and act normal

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