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Discussion in 'General' started by NaughtyDread, Mar 22, 2004.

  1. i know this is lame, but i want to beable to put my own personaly avatar back up. for some strange reason, it wont allow me to post my personal gif. files. oh i jus hooked up a new comp and with the all the new software and adjusting, everythings all haywire. some assistance please. thank ya :)
  2. no thats not helping, i try to post images and nothing displays. its like im locked out or something. i cant see anyones avatar except for the ones that are on this boards server. i cant post any images, that i can see. its like active x is missing or something. im lost and this sucks
  3. I sent this thread to Indiannatoker.. Maybe he can help you with this problem!
  4. This might seem like a silly question, but are you sure the file in question is within the size limits?
  5. yup everything is within limit, i got a new computer yesterday, thats all i can offer up, ive gone into profiles to try to get it to accept my settings, everything is correct. when i turn the images off tag, i get links for everyones posted images and the amount of times its been downloaded.
  6. other than that, my personal avatar will not display. but i can load up one from the board. do you think because i had to get a new ip addy this can be screwin with things? i dont understand because i can view my images and avatars from other boards. just not this one. i went to the picture post forum to submit a picture to see if i can see it, all it displays is naughtydread has attached this image and thats it.
  7. Do you have your cookies enabled? And what type of browser are you using? IE? Mozilla? It might take until tomorrow am before I can solve your problem. I'm at home now and don't have all my proper "tools" in front of me.

    The IP addy shouldn't have anything to do with images from my experience. If you had an IP problem, chances are you couldn't even get on the 'Net. As long as you don't have a static IP (An IP assigned by your ISP that never changes) try this. Open up DOS (Command Prompt), and type this.

    ipconfig/release (Press return key after this)

    You should get a message something to the effect of IP released successfully. Now type this:

    ipconfig/renew (Press return key after this)

    You should now get a message something to the effect of IP renewed successfully.

    This will ensure your IP address is leased properly.

  8. but how did you upload your current avatar ???

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