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Help me Out guys

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Couchlock123, Mar 24, 2012.

  1. Hi guys,
    I'm in need of some weed related advice. Ok, so last summer (2011), I ordered a flight box to my buddy's house because I couldn't order it to my dorm room. So it gets lost in the mail, I get a full refund, order another sent to my dorm and everything is fine. 2 days later it gets to his house and his mom finds it gets pissed, makes me apologize, and throws it away (or so i thought). So yesterday, my friend tells me that his brother found the brand new flight box with a space case in a drawer. I said sweet let me get it back and he said no, you already have one and a grinder. His brother wants to keep the grinder and he wants to keep the flight box. Is this the right thing that should happen? Just in need of some advice.
  2. Tough to say man. You had this sent to their parents house. I bet the lecture they got probably is worth you giving it up to them. It's been a long time - just let it go.
  3. What's funny is you want the MFLB back so you can have 2, but you don't want to send one back to Magic Flight. You're in the same situation as your buddy and made the same choice, but you don't even realize it.
  4. No I want to sell the other one. I said we can make a compromise where I can just take the space case and he can have the vape, but he won't even do that.
  5. let it go just dont deal with that guy anymore
  6. Oh and JC259, they didn't get a lecture, it was all blamed on me, they weren't in any trouble.
  7. it has been a long time and now use that to your advantage. if they've kept it, they obviously respect that it belongs to you otherwise the would have dumped it the same day. i would approach the folks myself, apologise, talk to them about it and get your stuff back. good luck
  8. Thanks for the advice, I will let the vape go and try and get the space case back, because its not a cheap grinder, and i didn't get the money back for it.
  9. FUCK no that shits YOURS id be pissed
  10. Either way they were doing YOU a favor and you got THEM in trouble so basically you should let it all go but its your decision not mine.
  11. it has been a long time. just be like no the mlfb is mine, and i am LETTING u have it. but i want the grinder. Can't have enough grinders.

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