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help me out guys, sizes by look

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by helloimhigh, Oct 1, 2010.

  1. hey guys haven't been up here in awhile. Help me out. I was bored so i decided to go ahead and break up the rest of my weed for tmrw. I'm still kinda new to this, but i'm tryin to get good at like comparing size by looking at it. Like i know a blunt is supposed to be at least 1 g and stuff. I usually just put a random amount.... tell me what you think this amount is of what i have left, thanx guys!! :smoke:
  2. Put a lighter or a playing card or a quarter next to it for size comparison. it's kinda hard to tell how much you have
  3. yeah what the guy above me said. we need size comparison.
  4. put an object next to it so we can see size comparisons
  5. bud looks like its laking trichomes. Looks no more then a 15 bag. Probally a 10bag
  6. dude you should totally make that look like United States, I mean it already looks like it a lil bit.
  7. ight word, its what i have left from a 30 bag i bought 2 weeks ago. I'm thinking rolling it all up in a blunt tmrw

  8. lmao, it does!! haha didn't even mean too, but i've already put that shit up in its spot bruh, maybe another time ha
  9. where you at and how much do you pay per g? or O?

  10. true....its pretty dense, im just gettin use to it bro, and yeah big blunts def are better, and i def agree with all blunts are good!:smoke:
  11. depends on the dealer around here.. ha usually 10 a g, but i got hooked up with this guy last time for 5.5 for 30

  12. like the name btw bro
  13. looks like 2 - 3 blunts, it doesnt really matter how much weed, a blunts a blunt, as long as it rolls out to one its all good.
  14. [quote name='Rt9Lingerer']looks like 2 - 3 blunts, it doesnt really matter how much weed, a blunts a blunt, as long as it rolls out to one its all good.[/QUO

    haha very true, yeah ill def get 2, thanx bro keep tokin:smoke:
  15. Yeah, looks just enough for a fat joint, or a skinny blunt, so have fun! :smoke:

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