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Help me out GC

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Potencies, Mar 15, 2012.

  1. Give me the best way to smoke in the shower without smell

    Pretty simple question, I just want some tips

  2. Don't smoke in the shower. No smell.
  3. Hot water running, damp towel under the door, fan on, window(s) open, and maybe use a sploof if your extra paranoid. You shouldn't have to though. Also, some spray could be helpful after the sesh. :)

  4. One hitters man, and exhale into your exhaust fan.
  5. Smoke in a shower that already stinks.
    Take a big shit after you smoke. Make it really stink!
  6. Well I don't know why you want to smoke in the shower, but I will tell you how to smoke in the bathroom with no smell.
    •put a towel under the door
    •smoke with the lights on and blow the smoke into the light
    •turn the lights off, spray febreeze, and turn the fan on
    •slide out of the door and then shut it again
    After 2-3 hours open the door and check how it smells, if it smells like bud spray more febreeze shut the door and wait another hour. After it stops smelling turn the fan off, and put the towel away.
  7. the best way to smoke in the shower with no smell is to do this
    Go outside.
  8. I usually just cover the crack on the bottom of the door with a towel or whatever then step into the shower and slit the window open and vape.
  9. Don't forget Ozium and air it out after you're done.
  10. turn the shower on hot and put the fan on. Maybe even open the curtain a bit. Put a towl under the door and only pack hoots, blowing them through a sploof into the fan. After ; pour some body wash into the shower and leave a fresh smelling scent for your parents
  11. Jamaican Steamshower !
  12. Hot box (jamaican - let the room fill with steam), fan on, towel under door, window open. Clear everything out, candle/spray. your golden.


    Take shower out of bathroom, put it in front lawn. Smoke like a boss :cool:
  13. I saw a review on youtube for a legit sploof called a "smoke buddy". The guys would take fat rips on their bongs and blow through this little black cylinder about the size of a fist and literally nothing came out the other side. They reported no smell from exhaling, although its not like I was there to verify.

    I think they said it was around $20 if I remember correctly, but apparently its legit.

  14. this sums it up

    try frebreeze linen

    and use a water pipe. blunts/joints/pipes tend to stink

  15. this. but close that air vent. prevent the smell from going around the house

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