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Help me out, ecstasy questions!

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Idhitthat, Jun 9, 2008.

  1. Heya im getting XTC for my first time ever a week from now... 20 pills for 100 bucks... me and a few friends are going in and were each putting in 100$ so it's only going to cost us 5$ a bean.

    Im wondering a couple things.

    #1. How long is the hangover? Would my paren'ts be able to tell that im hung over on it?

    #2. Is it a good idea to take some with a girl that I like?
  2. 1. it depends on how many pills you took and the quality. if it's like the pills i can get, then it can be anywhere from being a little more tired to being drained of personality. and drink plenty of water if you're dancing.

    2. if she is popping, too, then yes. the thizz brings out positive emotions so you'll have a better chance (i think) if you're both thizzing.
  3. First of all, wrong section man. Pandoras Box is for threads about other drugs. The hangover depends on how many pills you take and how hard you exert yourself throughout the night. You'll also come down harder if the pills have a lot of speed in them. As long as you don't go too crazy you should be good infront of the rents. Rollin with a girl can be good just watch what you say haha, sometimes people get a little too open on it.

  4. oh stop trippin'. you have no authority over him.
  5. Lol just sayin man, didn't mean to come off as a douchebag if thats what you mean.:rolleyes:
  6. ripoff triple stackers aare 5 a pop
  7. It probably would have been fine if you just told him to report posts, rather than jump all over him.
  8. triple stack means nothing and prices vary greatly depending on the area.

    and now to answer the questions.

    1. dude the comedown is no where near as bad as everyone says unless you got meth bombs. If its some pretty clean MDMA just smoke a few bowls or take some xanax on the comedown. You'll sleep for a while, but once you get up, you'll be fine. No one will really notice. If they do, just say you didnt sleep very well.

    2. Taking x with a chick is one of the best things you could ever do. You'll never be happier. Im assuming she's gonna roll too though

  9. from my research these are the best answer. and i recommend reading foops ecstasy guide.

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