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  1. I am trying to grow 2 small plants within a confined space, i have ensured proper ventilation is availiable and am using organic potting soil but i am limited on my choice of lights and will not have a chance to get more for atleast a few weeks
    pic is my setup [​IMG]
    and the lights i have availiable atm are
    2X 23W 3500K CFLs
    1X 14W 2700K CFL
    1X 65W Incandescent floodlamp
    1X 100W Incandescent bulb
    this is the large plant, the other is still very small and has no leaves even after 17 days since germinating
    its bag seeds and i wont have a chance to get any more for a while
    Any advice you could give me would be very appreciated

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    whats your goal?
    Small, you said....I would ditch the flood lamp as a grow light. I like the cfl choices you got best (if it were me in your shoes).
    I would veg for maybe 2weeks> depends on strain and conditions (size @1week and @2weeks will help decide). Then flip 12/12 for flower n net a few nugs.
    Ypu got any space to go up? any room to move the lights up as they grow?
    *also I would bring the lights closer (about 2inches down more)
  3. ditch the halogen lights
    go to walmart get a pack of 6500k 23w lights and "Y" splitters
    be prepared to transplant the large plant into 1 or 2 gal pot
    dont expect bagseed to sprout
    good luck
    the goal is to get the plants to flower, any amount would make me happy, even a half ounce
    as for size they need to stay under 18"
    i actually just moved the bulbs up because on the large plant it has kept growing leaves that are nearly on the ground and covering other leaves, it has 6 leaves that just sprouted and no room to grow a bud so im hoping it will get taller
    i wont have a chance to get more mateirials for a few weeks
  5. also i have heard that 3500K is not good for vegetating, would a combination of 2700K and 3500K bulbs or a 2700K CFL and a incandescent be better
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    3500k and 2700k are very low meaning a red/yellow light mimicking the fall/autumn sun. 5000k and 6500k are very high meaning blue/white light mimicking summer sun. lights also get into 10000k which will look violet/purple. the fall/autumn sun naturally causes plants to stretch which will make ur plants seem like they are growing fast and tall but they will just run outta room faster
    incandescent/halogen are worthless and should never be used. 4 100w halogen bulbs or 1 400w hps? same power usage not the same amount of light.
    1 100w halogen or 4 23w cfls? about the same power usage but the cfls will produce more light and u would have 4 of them instead of just one
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    A 150w hps would be proper if you could keep it cool enough. I would top early and train low if you only get a foot to work with. Cfl's are cheap but you won't get the best results out of them. A t5 wouldn't be a bad idea either. Better yet two get one 2700k and one 6500k and run both of them in veg and flowering.
  8. 2700k and 3500k are no good for veg. Get 23 watt. 6500 k. That is what I use. These are my results. The biggest of the three is 6 weeks from seed. Halogen bulbs are no good for growing. 2700k is ideal for flowering. As always a hps bulb is the best option.

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    The OP mentions not being able to get new bulbs for a few weeks.  Could be a funds or location issue.  Bulbs he has now look like ones he "collected".
    I would trash the plant that has no leaves and concentrate on the one that does.  17 days without leaves seems like a long time.  Use the CFLs you have until you can get some better ones.  It won't be "optimal", but it is the best you have for now.  You won't get great or even good output, but weed has been grown under some harsh conditions.
    Maybe head over to the Micro Grow section for some ideas for that small space.
    Good luck.
  10. also my plants leaf tips are bending downwards towards the dirt and the ends are brown
    what does this mean
  11. bad soil u wanna go organic with no nutes for soil. all of the major companies add fert in the factory and these will burn cannabis plants. look for top soil or spagnum peat moss and mix ur own perlite worm castings etc. all bags of soil lists the nutes and the amounts
  12. i think its more due to too much nitrates since the leaves are a dark green and only 2 of 8 tips are brown
    also any way to tell PH problems since i have no tester

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