Help me new plant!

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by 4ever young bud, Apr 28, 2006.

  1. SCROG man :)
  2. Yes you can put her into flower if you like. Remember, 12/12 and dark period should be very dark.
  3. :hello: Will do I will keep you posted on her progress and pics. Thanks again for all of you info.
  4. Hi all Here is some pics of my girl. She has a bud top of about 10 inches round. She is getting fat and she is starting to get a slight smell on her, LOL she is in flower and she sleeps 12 hours of day, ( in the dark and plays outside for 12 hours of sunlight.. I hope you like ! will keep you posted. Thank you all for you advise! :)

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  5. Nice looking plant... Any idea what strain it is..
  6. Ooooooooo
    Very pretty.
  7. I am not sure what it is , but it is looking sweeeeeeeeet ! I am into the 4 or 5th week of flowering. I love to grow all kinds of house plants, orchids and palm trees, but this one I am so proud of. It adds to my collection of unique plants. I will keep you posted on her progress!
  8. Oops, flowering is about 2-3 weeks. Boy am I impaitent,total life of the plant is about 7-8 weeks, LOL
  9. I need help on this one badly! Here is my plant today. The top of my 10" round bud has gotten moldy. The leaves have turned yellow also. I am in the 4th week of flowering. It had these little black bugs on the leaves too. What is a mama to do? All the other buds are doing great on the plant. I did CUT of the top with the mold, It was so bad I had to. Will the rest of the buds be okay for 4 more weeks or should I cut it all down now and hope for the best? Look at the pics from before she was so awesome looking too! Damn It ! Thanks a bunch guys!

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  10. I forgot to tell you That I accidently put orchid food in my plant. I used the wrong bucket about a week agoand poured it in to my baby. Did that mess it up. I am so sick over this. I had in on a 12/12 schedule since may 12. I did flush out the orchid food out as soon as I noticed I had used it.
  11. I dont have any experience of mould but my 1st thought would be remove the bud to prevent more contamination.


    get some mould removal stuff but odds are that this will ruin bud and make it taste nasty and it could also be dangerous.
  12. First off make sure that you do indeed have mold. Bud rot looks like a black brownish sludge. Cutting off the affected pieces was a good idea. Try to keep the humidity down. You are growing outside so this is probably beyond your control. Do not foliar spray the plant and try to water it during the day. You could spray it with an organic fungicide or something but, if you cut off the affected pieces and no more forms, I would just leave it. Hopefully your flush got rid of the orchid ferts. They still look ok to me though based on your pictures.
  13. Hi Yes it was mold. The plant looks much better since I cut off the moldy top. and the leaves stopped turning yellow. It looks good for now. I hated to throw away the top of my plant, but I didnt want to get sick.All the mold is gone too Thanks for your input I will send new pics soon

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