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Help me!!! Need serious veterans opinions!!!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by superchill0605, Aug 9, 2017.

  1. Ok so my last harvest was a success and a failure. I added co2 and extra lights and created just massive buds. However. Temps were always 85 or 90 and humidity in 60% range. I had lights on during the day in the summer. Stupid looking back. But also the buds were so big by week 6 i fucking cut them down because i had nothing to hold them up. They looked big as fuck but all the hairs were still white basically. I though oh well fuck it they are big they will still get you hi............. i then proceeded to wet trim and hang dry with a fuckin fan blowing on them. Got crispy in 3 days........... dude this bud went from having hercules potential to almost losing me buyers..... the quality was shit.... in case your wondering i grow purple ayuascha and amnesia lemon from barneys farm so genetics arnt an issue.... but the weed is so weak and dry.... looks awesome but is super dry and not sticky at alll..... i now realize my mistakes.

    1. Harvested way to early
    2. Room to hot
    3. Dried to quickly

    Now i need a serious pro to help me reassure myself. I need help figuring out how to make my bud sticky as fuck and smelly as fuck so that my buyers come crawling back to me. I cant afford another lame crop.

    I went ahead and got another 600w hps so now i am running 2 600w and a 400 watt. Using 3 gal pots with fox farm strawberries. Usinf roots organic line of nutes.

  2. What do you need help with? Don't harvest before it's ripe and take care during the cure. If you got big buds you're doing it right, eh? A poor cure doesn't effect the potency, it fucks the taste.
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  3. Alls comes down to the old saying
    Drive for show
    Putt for dough.................
  4. Lower temps in flowering stage around 70-75 is the ticket as well for major trichome production and nice colors. You simply harvested way to early before the trichomes got cloudy. You want 70% orange hairs and 60-70 cloudy trichome heads for a nice balanced high.
  5. Yep curing is everything unless you like the taste of hay.
  6. Ok so its not all magic mirrors to obtain sticky gooey buds. I hust need to be more patient lmao. Growing can be so frustrating. I just want to make the best weed
  7. You can't expect wonderful results your first time or two. I'm sure some do grow some very good bud their first time but for most of us there's a learning curve. Here's a very interesting info source for you since you're using CO2... 3 Keys to Maximizing Plant Growth: Temperature, CO2 and Plant Metabolism
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  8. Bro... best fuckin read ever. If you got anymore good shit lemme know!
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  9. Definitely a great read.
  10. Interesting. I personally would not put C02 that high on the list. Of course, it is necessary and, of course its is claimed that yields can be increased with effective use...but in my experience the ambient levels are just fine. I generally have a month or more in the winter where I shut down my exhaust (and thus intake) because the temperture outside my room is 0F or below. So the only new air/C02 they get is from me sliding in the door and breathing for a a couple minutes. My yields in that season are similar as any other.
    That said, as I understand it, adding C02 to an unsealed room is useless and it is also dangerous in the wrong hands and I would not suggest it to someone just starting out. Now if the CO2 is just from fermenting beer mash in a bucket in your room or something...more power to you.
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  11. I agree, I think CO2 is for those who have everything dialed in and want to give their crop a boost. And OP is already using it so....
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  12. Yeah my room is sealed. Ive benefitted from co2 very hardcore and suffered grstely for impatience

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