Help me narrow down my AUTO seed choices

Discussion in 'Marijuana Seeds Banks' started by GordonLightfoot, May 14, 2011.

  1. Hey guys I'm about to put in another order on attitude, but this time for auto flowering seeds.

    Im definitely going to go with one of Buddha Seeds autos. I can;t decide between White Dwarf, Red Dwarf, or Deimos.

    The other seeds I can't pick between are Bomb Seeds Auto Bomb, Mdanzig Seeds Sour60, and Short Stuff Seeds Super Cali Haze.

    My plan is to order just one pack of seeds from Buddha Seeds and one pack out of the last three strains listed.

    If anyone has a recommendation on the issue I would greatly appreciate it! Thanks in advance dudes :smoke:
  2. Go with The Joint Doctors Easyryder, a guy on here yielded a half pound! Search for itsthemysterys easyrydery hempy
  3. I'd go with Auto Bomb, not grown it before but have had experience with THC Bomb and it was the nuts. They have very strong genetics, i'm pencilling it in for my next grow.
  4. I am just finishing up a Auto bomb grow at the moment - germ rate from these guys was 100% and although I proceeded to kill 6 of the 10 plants I started (entirely my fault) the 4 I have left should get me about 6-7oz. These little ladies have been very simple to grow and responded well despite me not doing them any favours during the early stages.
  5. Cool im definitely going with the Auto Bomb. I should have specified im planting these outdoors.

    Anyone have an opinion on Deimos, Red Dwarf or White Dwarf?
  6. Out of those I would go with Deimos. Because it is a 7th generation cross with Norther Lights and ruderalis. Sounds yummy and very potent.

    I have an Afghan Kush Ryder goin now. I'm loving the autos. I want to find ruderalis seeds so I can breed my own auto strains.
  7. i'm growing the white dwarf,red dwarf and the deimos right now.the white and red dwarf smell very very yummy.they are 33 days old and just strated flowering yesertday.the deimos is 33 days doesn't smell as good as the other two but she is going to be a bush.i LSTed them all to try to get better yeild.
    i don't think you can go wrong with any of these three.i'd going with the deimos though,i've read that it is better high and stronger and better yeilder.:D happy growin!

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