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    One of my favorite parts of growing is naming the strain when it doesn't have one.

    I have an indoor grow going now with just one single plant, althoguh she is quite heady. I found the seed all by her lonesome in a batch of REEEAALLY good headies. Actual headies.... not just dank (there is a difference, folks).

    Check out the link to my grow journal at the bottom for pics to aide in your decision...

    A little back-info...... I love the fall. By far my favorite season. Mostly because the weather/temp here in New England, but because there is such a drastic change in the environment and ecosystem. Birds are peaking in their migrations south and my winter residents are going to be at my feeders soon (juncos and White-throats and Red-breasted nuthatches and Siskins and crossbills and redpolls, OH MY!) plants are getting seeds ready to continue thier legacy, the sun is getting lower in the sky, and (at least here) the trees become a gorgeous pallete of eaarth tones.

    My baby is on day 42 of flowering, and her trichs are about 60/40% clear/opaque. I love me a couchlock high, so I'm going to let her go until we got lots of amber... probably another 2-3 weeks at least.

    The plant will be maturing right through the autumnal equinox. I love the fall. The trichs will be amber like the outdoors is beginning to be. Yea yea yea.

    So make an educated, or marijuanated choice as to what name you prefer and log your vote. I might actually choose what the highest polled choice winds up being.

    Perhaps some wordsmiths have a suggestion along the same lines as what I am looking for.

  2. Hell yea! NEW ENGLaNd!
  3. I voted for Gooey because u mentioned in ur grow that this is the stickiest u have ever grown

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