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Help me name my Bubbler and Bong...

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by eleven357, Oct 9, 2007.

  1. ...well its been a week or so of blazing out of these guys and for the life of me and can't think of any decent names for my new pieces. Could you blades please help a fellow blade out and give me some ideas?

    Here is the bubb and my roor:

    Thanks in advance!
  2. name the bub squirtil.... like the pokeman thingy

    fuck im ripped
  3. I would say wait until you have really gotten to know your pieces. It took me a long time to name my bubbler. I still haven't named my bong that I got like 5 months ago. I still just call it the lux.

  4. Yeah, I still refer to my roor as my roor. Thanks for the post :):bongin:
  5. Most def. Thanks for the rep. gave me my second brick lol.
  6. how about
    lava lamp

  7. squidward for the bub.
  8. mr. bungle :smoke:
  9. Fuck yes. Mike Patton is the shit.
  10. I would say name them little shit and big shit :devious: and then they can take over the world and smoke everyones brains out.................I hope I am first:hello:
  11. Attack of the crab people and the furious mindfuck.
  12. bubbler - chronic sea lol its kinda cool
  13. Bubble trouble
  14. bub- Johnson
    bong- The Grail
  15. bub- Christmas (the colors looked like christmas for some reason) or Munchies if you get the munchies.
    and the roor- Big Smoke or couch lock and couch for short.

    nice pieces tho man. i love that bubb
  16. you could also name the blue bong
    after the term chameleon's dish which is the name of the old psychedelic lightshow technique where diferent colors of oil are projected on a screen with results that look alot like the way the colors are marbled on your bong.

    another name you might like if you're into sativas is
  17. name the bubb prawntickler

  18. Bong-wit-da-bong. That's what my buddy named my 7.0 RooR that looks much like yours. I had a really small bong that I called pippi bong-stockings. Hope that helps some. I like bubble trouble for the bubbler.

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