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Help me name my bowl?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by MiddyTimmy, May 13, 2011.

  1. [​IMG]

    Also a nice resin ball I just scraped from her that I'm currently :smoke:
  2. The names come naturally. And don't even think of naming it while not high.

    One day, you will be sitting there after a bowl or two, staring at it, and it'll come to you.
  3. Only on the Apprentice Tokers forum this thread would exist.
  4. I agree with Kurt. It'll just come to you. Just sit back, smoke a bowl and then name it. I've only had two bowls, both color changers and after the first time I smoked out of both of them I instantly had a name: Blue. Crazy thing is that I didn't know what color they would change to and they both turned blue.

  5. true true,

    I always name them something epic, something that i will remember for later conversation.
  6. Today I named my current ligher PINKY I. It's a pink bic. No reason lighters can't have names too. I was smoking a bowl when I realized I wasn't holding the lighter, so I was like "where's pinky?"

    I had no intention of naming the lighter, it just happened.
  7. you should call it helpmenamemuhbowlable
  8. QFE!

    My brother had this monster bowl, held (and, of course, burned through) alot of weed. You would get these lung-kicking hits out of it. When someone hit it for the first time, they would cough "Alabado!", which is Cuban slang for WTF or holy shit.

    Therefore its name is Alabado.

    IMHO, the best names come from your experiences with the piece, then possibly how it looks. Failing that, some random ass name will stick with you and your friends when smoking from it.
  9. onley a little stoned
  10. lol r u using a shoe string wick?
  11. i had a bubbler with those colors. it was beyond shitty.

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