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Help me man! I need words of wisdom.

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by D9_THC, Aug 24, 2002.

  1. I pulled a frickin' WHITEY!!!!! What the fuck is wrong with me? I've been smoking weed for 3 years, and yesterday, I got really stoned and fucking puked my guts up!

    I looked in the mirror and I was all pale, and I felt cold, and I had motion sickness.... it felt like I was going at a billion Gs man!!!

    Everyone was laughing at me!!! They called me a fucking amateur!! I'm not an amateur!!! Oh god!!!!
  2. Are you sure it was the weed that made you puke? It could have been something you had eaten!
  3. Definetly wasn't food. I hadn't eaten all day.

    You know when you're really stoned, and you feel G-Force?? It was like that, only WAY TOO intense!

  4. well maybe it was cuz u hadn't eaten, or maybe it was some really good ganja! but what i wanna know is what do u mean by pullin a whitey? lol
  5. A "whitey" is a term my friends and I use for an affect of weed on "newbies".

    Your heart-rate slows, and all the blood leaves your head and other protrusions, causing motion sickness, and vomiting. You go all pale, and feel cold.

    A whitey.

    I've never seen it happen before to people who have smoked weed for a long time. But it happened to ME!!!!!

  6. ...sounds like a touch of green fever hey....hmmm yum yum (not realy) my worst one ever.....i smoked alot of congo and somehow lost track of time for three fucking heart was pulpitating and felt like it was about to explode....i was also sweating like crazy i honestly thought this was the end of me...somehow fuck knows how when i was able to function properly again i found my self in my bed....god only knows how i got there...2 weeks later i met a good friend of mine that said that he found me standing outside a resturant bleeting some uncomprehensible shit and was so freaked out he wanted to take me directly to hospital...all i can say now is that every time i smoke that shit i seriously stop the second i even start imagining that i am thinking that i have had enough....grrr normaly all i do when the greenies start hitting is run like hell and find some where to sit quitely and I STAY THERE!!!although i must ad that the weed must have been some super fuckup strain of congo....
  8. Haha, I don't feel like such a loser anymore!!!! Thankyou!
  9. hasn't happened to me since i hit my first bong... bet you'd had a beer or two first eh?
  10. Words of Wisdom----Don't let it happen again.
  11. I hadn't had any beer first......*wants a beer right now*

    Man.... that really sucked. I'm an OUTCAST!!!!!!!!
  12. was this pure bud?

    it has happened to me, or at least been close to happening, more often when it's some low grade hash mixed with tobacco. but it has happened to me once when on some real good weed... white widow... but it had been a few months since a smoke before then and i thought i could just carry on chonging it like i used to. everyone around was alrite about it, because it's happened to every experienced toker at some time or other (I've seen a well seasoned vetran whitie once, so it happens to the best of us). So DeltaNine, If your 'mates' were being all kiddie like and rippin the piss, then it's them who seem closest to Newbie status. If you've been around to have had the odd whitey or 1 then you're more of a vetran than some puffy like tike who don't even know what a whitey feels like.

    get what i mean dude?

    A whitie is just either the body or the mind saying "not right now please, get this substance outta me for now", usually if it's the body saying that, you'll vomit.

    or at least that's one possable explanation.

    I aint really sure. It's not like there's been test or anything.


    hope yer first whitie didn't scare u off the weed man.

    har har.
  13. yeah, as yall might know, ive cut back on my weed a lot, and and have only gotten high twice in three weeks, well...the second time, i had the biggest fucking paranoia attack i have EVER EVER EVER EVER had while smoking weed...i DID NOT know what the fuck to do, so i busted down my friends door and chilled there for a while...then i was cool.
  14. Thanks for the support Digit.

    Man... whiteys suck!!

    Hahaha, my mum just told me a story about the only time she's smoked weed :D

    It was a year before I was born, and she said she found a YEAR OLD joint in the drawer... (my dad used to be a big stoner, so she figured he'd left it there).
    She smoked it all, and she says she was paranoid for like three days, and she thought people were trying to climb in through the windows and walls and shit!

  15. damn! you sure your dad didnt used to lace his weed with crack or shurn ??? :)
  16. not that i know of :D that doesn't rule it out though
  17. too much too much
  18. haha, did we scare the new person??

    welcome! don't be frightened, we're just stoned :D we couldn't harm a fly
  20. Haha, you changed the gorillaz face! Yay!

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