help me make important decisions!

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    my previous problem is solved; took a walk, making my own indian spiced rice and potatoes.

    i have a lot of random shit going through my head.

    should i keep watching workaholics (i'm at the end of season 2)?

    i smoke in my bedroom, with the door closed so i don't set off the smoke alarm. i have a tendency to inhale, leave the room to go check on something, and forget that i still have to exhale, so i'm like shit can't blow smoke out in the kitchen/living room/whatever and have to run to the bedroom to exhale.
    anyone else do silly things like that?

    maybe i should stop smoking, except i don't feel quiiiiite high enough yet; how do you know when to stop? i feel good, but i always want to see what it'd be like to go further?
  2. .....

    Make your own food at home and then go on a walk?
  3. i'm highly disappointed by the lone answer i got.

    maybe now it's better? i want some social life here! :smoke:
  4. you should make your own decisions? lol theres an idea!!! lol
  5. Give yourself a mullet!
  6. Smoke until your eyes bleed

  7. if i weren't too high to make my own decisions, i wouldn't be posting a thread about it.:p
  8. [quote name='"l James l"']Give yourself a mullet![/quote]

    lol wtf!

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