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  1. Haha, so. I like e. Quite a bit. But it gets old, ya know? yes i know, i do it too much and blah blah blah. But sometimes you need a change.

    Around the old watercooler, i've been hearing stories of how healthy acid is ( well not healthy, but like...yeah... ) and I always though of acid as a big nono, but it might be something nice to try. Although im young and shit and want to stay away from the harder shit as much as possible, im wondering if HOW BAD it really is.

    Yes i read erowid and everything. Still not enough for me. REAL LIFE EXPERIENCE!

    Edit: sorry if i make no sense, I am fucked. Thank ya kindlyyyy.
  2. Acids much safer for you than e.
  3. You dnt really know what is in your pill but you can be sure that acid is either mostly pure acid, or its not acid at all and u have been ripped. Then again I wouldn't be taking acid as much as u might be taking e's. Like I have never taken acid, but I drop every other weekend. Good luck anyways just be careful and at least a little responsible rofl. peace.
  4. I did alot of acid in my younger days, its defintely different than weed. For me now, I like to still be in the drivers seat in my mind, (if that makes sense) I never felt in control on acid, and it lasted too long for me. But there were also some great nights looking at the stars listening to iron butterfly or floyd.
  5. acid is pretty fun, i prefer it to e and i love e.
  6. that's one of the things i was wondering, we were all going to drop a tab each and chill and listen to music. Wondering if i would be in control enough to go drop by the mall a couple hours after. like, i know how long the trip will last, but how long will the intense "i dont know what im doing and can't talk properly to authority figures" last?
  7. You should be fine if you get like 1 normal strenghth tab. Your pupils dont really get as big as when you do alot of e. With 1 tab you can talk straight. I once dropped 2 tabs and went to a diner with my grandparents and father and sister. You will want to speak your mind but nowhere near as much as extasy. One story of a friend of mine, he took 10 tabs his first time, his dad found out and chased him with a hammer, my buddy jumped out his 2 story apartment and sprained his wrist.

    Have fun and be safe.
  8. Damn that's overkill, he chased him with a HAMMER!?

    Oh and to the OP 'cid is actually very safe physically.
  9. Acid gets old after a while. H is the shizzle, never get bored of it.
  10. acid never gets old for me,i always learn something new,its such a great experience.

    and how could you think of acid as a big no,if your popping rolls lol,E is one of the worse drugs for your body.

    i love rolling but it takes a huge toll on your mind and body,
  11. haha thats like the time one of my friends friend ate some shrooms and he went home and his dad found out and his dad grabbed his dog and went all up in his face and was like "LOOK AT THE DOG!LOOK AT IT!!" while he was pushing the dog back and forth.

    the dude started crying lol
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  12. Hahahaah wtf

  13. acid gets old but heroin is the shit?

    time to reevaluate your priorities, sir.
  14. agreed. know your boundaries.

    But it sounds alot better then i first expected. DAMN HEALTH TEACHERS AND THEIR BULLSHIT. :(
  15. acid is the shit, but it takes a toll on you also

    i mean cmon tripping for 8-10 hours, i feel all funny the next day too, if your looking for a substitute from E im not sure acid is ur best bet considering it last hella long and is even more difficult to fall asleep on, but u should try it for sure

    i cant decide which i like more tho, E is and always has been amazing, and if its losing its "magic" that just means u need to take a break cause ur seratonin needs to re-build
  16. its not going to be a weekly thing, i know. Something to try while i have an e-brake. haha.

  17. oh yea then for sure do it, i had to do the EXACT same thing, next time u roll it will be fucking intense too :hello:

    oh and u should try mixing the two for sure, E + acid is awesome
  18. i'm sure i love it more than even your common e-tard. i roll once a week sometimes more. too often, i know, but spare me. but if you can get legit acid why not go for it? trip for sure :)

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