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Help me make a bong from the hardware store

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Moltar, Jan 30, 2004.

  1. Hey, i'm getting an 1/8th of KB nugs tomorrow, but i don't have a bong
    It's a waste to try to do a joint or even worse to do a blunt, so i'm gonna try to make a bong

    I know the general principle behind it.. i've done it before with a 20oz coke bottle and a straw, but i need some tips on materials and assembly.

    What pipe is best? pvc?
    what do i use as a base so that i can close the bottom of the pipe? and how do i affix this base to the bottom of the pipe?
    what do i use as a bowl? and what do i use as a stem?
    and how do i seal everything together?

    I got some "clear al-purpose sealant" but i'm afriad cuz on the back there are warnings about vapors causing brain damage and shit. I don't need that.

    if you have ANY ideas to help me, please help me.
  2. i'd suggest making one out a a half liter mountain dew bottle instead. it's got a huge mouthpiece like regular bongs and it's green! plus you can see the smoke in the chamber. you can't with pvc/abs/steel/copper/etc.
  3. get yourself some threaded PVC pipe, one end cap, get electral tape, a little metal pipe and a socket for a socket wrench.

    screw the endcap onto the end of the pvc pipe. this is the body for your bong. nedt drill a hole in the side at a angle going down. this is where your peice is going. next tape the sockt onto the end of the metal pipe. this will be your bowl. now put your new peice into the hole so it goes down. next tape up the hole and metal pipe so its air tight. next drill a hole neer the water line so u can clear the bong. next put a screen into the bowl so your weed doenst fall. next fill with ice water pack a bowl and enjoy.
  4. psh, don't use pvc. gross.

    get a nice big mason jar, or a wide-mouthed applesauce/pickle/applejuice jar

    get some clear acrylic tubing
    find a little brass bowl piece and plug that into a hole in the jar top(with thick tubing going down into water), add a hole, two, or a carb and put some kind of skinny acrylic tubes coming out, however many you want.
    i have one of these sitting around, but i've since bought a glass 1 footer from a local shop
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  5. why is PVC gross?
  6. i've heard bad stuff about it, but never anything necessarily factual or concrete, but i mean it got spread to me in the same way that smoking through aluminum is bad for you. glass is just better, you can at least see what you're toking.
  7. Making your own bong. In easy steps.

    1. Get some cash and visit your local head shop, buy one!! (as your all mostly USA this isn't really a viable option, Uk can have benifits)

    IF you can't, follow my instructions this is a wee disposable i developed due to house partys with no bongs.

    2. Get a 1.5 liter/ 2 liter bottle, prefferably one with straight sides, cut the top off so its a cilinder with the base.

    3. Cut the bottle down one side, and trim either side.

    4. Fold over and stick them together, to form the main body of the bong. this should be small at the top and big at the bottom. Slanting over to one side.

    5. Now its time for the downpipe/firing tube, this can be done to your own specific standard depending on how safe you want to smoke, it can be made from plastic tubes, or i find a felt tip pen works well.

    6. cut hole in side of chamber on the angled side big enough to put the down pipe in.

    7. Make a bowl for the end of the tube, tin foil can be used scrunched up into the correct shape, and attached.

    8. Use Blue tack, chewing gum, tape to make the whole thing airtight.

    Have included some really dodgy Images, next time i make one i'll run through a set by step photo guide, but i hope you'll get the gist of what i'm talking about.

    9. Enjoy!

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  8. i make my bong outta a coke bottle sum tin foil and tape or glue,melt a hole sum where in the middle of the bottle fit tin foil to how everbig u want it,then put into the hole then tape or glue it so its as air tight as u can get it the poke holes(nine should do) in the bottem of the tin foil use a smaller needle so the weed dont fall thru,then out ur nug in and then smoke up and later on u can paint it up and make it look so cool,u dont have to worrie about the water its a non water bong if u put water in it u will ruin it,its a good bong but it has stronger hits and its a lil harder to fill up when u pinch it,but if u have nugs the just put'em in ang light up but NO WATER
  9. tin foil is horrible
    I've used it before

    so horrible
    never again
    never again

    again, why is pvc so bad?
    it's just plastic right?
  10. ok if ur gonna make a homemade piece i wouldnt use tin foil, straws, plastic or anything like that

    i would make the bowl piece out of a metal nut u kno the kind u can find in tool boxes or something out of metal.

    personaly i would make a waterfall i saw this on another forum the other day

    take a peropel bottle or something, poke a whole at the bottom. cover the whole with ur finger and fill up the bottle with water put the cap on (which has the bowl piece on it) light the bowl n take ur finger of the hole, the water leaking out of the hole makes a vaccum n fills the entire bottle up with thick yellow smoke. the unscrew the cap n enjoy :)
  11. where can i buy screens?
  12. look in your faucets. there's usually a screen there. just take it out and use that.

  13. mason jars are where its at man! if i had a bigger one, i could definiatly add like 3 more hoses and a bigger bowl...
  14. tin foil works great but its a pain in the ass to get the resin outta it
  15. i made one of a juice bottle witha bought bowl and fittings of brass and some copper tubing. I have since heard that copper is bad for you but I dont know why. This downpipe is only about 6" long. A pen wuld be too short. what would be OK? The Bong works very well.

    Can anyone tell me why copper is bad? The water for my ice maker has been going thru copper tubing for over 20 years and I'm not dead yet.

  16. i havent read all the posts in the thread yet but i had t make sure i got this out. NO PVC PIPE EVER NEVER EVER IT CAUSES BRAIN TUMORS AND IM NOT BEING PARANOID.
  17. When PVC burns it releases HCl gas which goes into your lungs, pretty nasty stuff (thats hydrochloric acid btw). Obviously you wouldn't use it as the bowl, but even if it gets hot enough (by being close to the bowl) it can decompose into HCl.

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