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Discussion in 'General' started by Ballin' Toker, Aug 19, 2008.

  1. Ok so last year in high school and starts mon. (yes im 18). I still need some new clothes. whats some stuff that says I smoke but is still fly? like huff?? and what are the websites? Thanks everyone!
  2. Wrong forum? Not sure if flaunting your illegal habits in school is a good idea either.


    Sickest T-Shirts out right now:
  3. the worst kinda stoners are the ones that flaunt it around....just toke dude, dont need to spread your habbits around and shit.

    but anyways, rogue status is sick
  4. Shit its a new school and this will b a good way to express myself and make friends i can relate too. And stoner ware that dosnt have a huge mariuana leaf on it, just smokers will look at it and say, fello toker for shure. but no band or artist shirts...
  5. Obey shit is dope, and pretty counter culture compared to the other brands...

    check em out at
  6. REZISTR has some pretty cool shirts
  7. rasta colors
    pot leaf
  8. Even with the 'compared to other brands' note, thats still hilarious.
  9. Don't dress to look like a stoner. Dress to be who you are.
  10. This belongs in the General section.

    Read the forum descriptions before you make a thread in the future.

    Over and out. :bongin:
  11. Yea! *starts emotionally clapping*

  12. No, no, no. It's like this...

    *stands up and starts the slow clap*
  13. lol @ Thread starter. Go to the fashion forum next door.
  14. Upper Playground
  15. Damn dnt have to b dicks... and i dress how i dress I just want to see what you all wear cause im from a small town and like finding new brands... shit... And if your gonna b a dik dont post. save us all time.
  16. anything with marley on it screams marijuana
    not hendrix, theyll think your on LSD
    helllla sick shirts wit really cool designs
    it doesnt have any weed stuff on it but itl put that whole out there shit there
    i guess
  18. lrg for sure.
  19. I have a Hendrix shirt, but I could only hope to have some LSD. :smoke: And that shirt is the only thing I have that is even remotely drug related as far as I can tell. And I only bought it because he was an amazing guitar player...
  20. and


    oooor just get your ass to san francisco and go to haight st.. bound to find some cool shit there ;)

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