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Help me like mushrooms

Discussion in 'Fitness, Health & Nutrition' started by Luvs2splooj, Dec 30, 2012.

  1. I can't stop thinking of it as just eating fungus. I always take it out of my food.
  2. Every kind of life is just something that eats something else and changes it.
  3. One of the healthiest things you can consume. Hows that for help.
  4. See it as there is bacteria on everything so might as well eat more of the good kind (mushrooms).
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    you obviously havnt eaten hand picked morels before baked in teh oven with a little cheese.

    sooo good

  6. Nomnomnom!

  7. I'm in the same boat, I WISH I liked mushrooms, but... I just.... don't. :eek:

    Their appearance, and the foraging that goes along with the mushroom culture just fascinates, and entices me, I've even grown edible but (for me, if not for my friends :p ) ornamental mushroom gardens, and yet I just can't get over their flavor and texture most of the time.

    Here's what I've done to try and change my own mind (and for periods of time, it's worked! But gradually, as I forget to eat them regularly, I fall back into my old "ewww" ways :eek: :rolleyes: ).

    Pizza!........................ Not on top, but pan fried or baked, then laid under the cheese and with the sauce... if they're hidden, and your eyes aren't making that 'yuk connection', it helps a lot.

    Sauces!...................... Minced, diced or even ground to a semi-paste, for chips, veggies, pasta and more... they can be surprisingly good, and even some mushy-haters don't know they're eating them (beef stroganoff is a good place to start) ;)

    Truffle Oil!.................. Adding a dash of truffle oil to your favorite dishes can help warm you up to the flavor, in one of the most subtle and enjoyable ways. :)

    Mushroom Powders!... Like oil, these also have a longer shelf-life than fresh mushies, removing the pressure to use them up right away, and they can be sprinkled on steaks, chicken, steamed veggies, they can be incorporated into sauces, put on pizza... you name it. :p

  8. mushrooms are not bacteria.

    They are fungus

    Bacteria are single celled organisms

    mushrooms are different from plants because they are made of chitin (the same stuff insects and athropods are made of ) while plants use cellulose to hold water in
  9. The biggest thing that gets me about them is that I picture them growing on shit and dead things.

  10. And cow manure fertilizes your vegetables. If that's your concern you should stop eating almost all foods haha.
  11. It helps if you eat them in meals that incorporate mushrooms into it. Spaghetti w/ Mushrooms, Combo Pizza w/ Mushrooms. etc. etc.
  12. if you consume meat you are eating a dead thing :p
  13. But what about those of us who don't consume meat?

  14. Dead plants are just as dead as dead animals.... we still feast on death.

    Whens the last time you ate something and crapped it out still alive?
  15. then you are consuming dead things as well
  16. Haha I know, just fuckin with ya
  17. Yesterday, but I know I'm just fucking around, and plants love to grow on pretty much the exact same stuff as fungus
  18. If he cant get over the idea of eating mushrooms how is he going to get over the idea of eating mushrooms with fermented breast milk from a cow on top?
  19. Yeah in my opinion cheese is a lot fucking grosser than shrooms when you really think about it, it's basically a congealed body liquid that came out of an animals tits
  20. Would you rather eat fungus that came off of a living thing?


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