help me judge the trichs ;)

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  1. check these pics out through the 30x magnifyer :hello::hello:

    these are from a nirvana misty plant grown in soil, under a 250w 2700k cfl.

    you can all help me judge the trichs and let me know when i need to start flushing :p

    i wanna 50/50 high..

    i am a bit confused because this is meant to be an 8-9 week flowering strain. and yet these pics are from perhaps 4 and a half weeks of flowering.
    does anyone think that theyll go the whole 9 weeks?

    because, im worried that theyll be done sooner, and ill have to rush a flush and get crappy flavour.

    this is my first grow though so im not to keen on chopping an 8 week flowering plant at 6 weeks on my own judgement.

    how far off do you think they are till 50/50 cerebral/body stone?
    thanks alot :)
  2. I'm trying to do the same thing about now haha. to me it looks like your mostly cloudy with few clear and few amber. I'm waiting till some of mine go more amber the buds just get bigger anyways haha

  3. do you think i should start flushing now then?

  4. do you think i should start flushing now then?
  5. Its hard to judge from a photo if u know what i mean. The trichomes that are in focus look clear to me, not cloudy .... those that are out of focus look cloudy, but i dunno if thats that theyre out of focus or are actually cloudy lol.

    What also makes me think theyre mostly clear still is that there doesnt seem to be any red dots in the heads which is the first sign of em going amber... i cant see 1, so i'd say your a while off yet m8

    1 final thing.... 4 1/2 weeks of flower, not a hope ur near done ;)
  6. def wait a week or two more man, you can tell when they turn amber. patients young padawon lol. happy harvest :)

  7. lol thanks dude,
    yeh i know i will be able to see them clearly when they turn amber, i was just wonderin about the time frame in which it may happen - i didnt wanna be caught out and not have time top flush.

    nevermind though, theyre taking ages. just got a fresh load of new white pistils :smoking:
  8. lookin awesome man, but I agree, wait till you start seeing more amber trichs :hello:
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    if you have an extra 20 bucks laying around, drive over to RadioShack and pick up a 60-100x lighted microscope. Learn how to only move the focus knob instead of zooming in and out and you'll be a pro by the time you finish that first bowl (nice lighting in the room this is done in helps alot and use the underside of the leaf cuz they're loaded there). Once you start to see the first trichs go from clear to cloudy, it's time to start flushing UNLESS you are going for a complete couchlock effect which I would wait for about 30% cloudy but remember that flushing is a good thing and this should be a 2-3 week process. Just make sure if you go for a couchlock effect that the tops of the trichs are bulbous and not deformed looking, once deformed your meds are degrading.
  10. trichs look clear to me, continue to wait

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