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  1. Hey guys, I am entirely new to this garderner lifestyle. I currently am puttin together a garden of my own and am seeking info, help, tips. So currently I am goin to list my current inventory and wish for useful information, tips and help from u guys. My current situation consist of:

    1: I have a 4x4x7 grow tent with a 1,000 watt mh/hps. I also have 250 watt cfl blue spectrum bulb with ballast jus for veg. Also a carbon scrubber filter wifh an 6" inline fan and 25' ducting for ventilation. With two 6" ocillating fans and one 4" mini computer fan, and also one 6" heater/fan.

    2. I have two de-humidifiers, one humidifier, a ph up & down kit, one thermometer/hygrometer.

    3. I have a combination of bag soil mixed with organic amendments of my personal preference. (Soil consist of: 12 quarts Fox farms Ocean forest, 12 quarts Fox farm Happy frog, 16 quarts Black gold's natural and organic soil, 1.5 cubic feet of Roots organics soil, 15lbs of wriggler worm's worm castings, & 1kg of dry Coco coir. Mixed with about: 3/4 lb of insect frass & mealworm frass, 3 and 1/2 lb of Azomite, few tbl spoons of fulvic & humic acids, 2lbs of greensand, and roughly about 2 ounces of Cali secrets- Bio live meal (contains: beneficial bacteria, mychorrizae, fishbone meal, fish meal, alfalfa meal, crab meal, shrimp meal, langbeinite, humates, kelp meal. )

    4. Nutrients: 1. Fox farm trio (Grow big, big bloom, tiger bloom.) 2. Fox farm trio (beastie bloomz, open sesame, cha-ching). 3. Advance nutrients: Hygrozyme. 4. Bio bizz: Root juice. 5. Advance nutrients: Sensizym. 5. Advance nutrients: Terpinator. 6. Advance nutrients: Flawless finish. 7. Advance nutrients: Rhino skin. 8. Advance nutrients: Bud Blood. 9. Advance nutrients: Overdrive. 10. Advance nutrients: Bud candy. 11. Advance nutrients: Kushie kush. 12: Bio biz: Fish mix. 13. Advance nutrients: Nirvana. 14. General hydroponics: Cal-mag. 15. Sea bird guano (12-11-6) 16. Jamaican bat guano (0-10-0) 17. Indonesian bat guano (0-7-0) 18. Cali Secrets connesuier veg nutes (12-6-20) *(contains: micro-nutes, humic & fulvic acids, kelp, yucca, molasses, & more). 19. Wayne's 100% organic worm castings and microbe rich soluble plant food. 20. I also have: amino acids, mkp bloom soluble (0-52-34), extra molasses, and extra mychorrizae. .

    5. Strains and genetics: (single seed centre). 1.flowerbomb kush, green crack, holy grail kush, k.o. crop automatic, purple pyralysis, sharksbreath, strawberry cheesecake, puff puff pass out, money maker, atomic bomb, pyscho crack, k.o. kush, Blueberry og,cotton candy, blz bud, kripple shock, afghan kush x skunk, afghan ryder, blue dream (reg), vanilla kush, super iced grapefruit, Acapulco gold, fruit punch, truepower og (reg), cheesequake (reg), pineapple express, pineapple chunk, blue ox, socal master kush (reg), lemon kush, nordic jack, cash crop automatic.. more to come. Will start with only 4-6 plants tho because of space.

    Thats currently what im dealing with, any info, tip, help will b greatly appreciated. I am hoping to become jus as good as anyone else. Hopefully in time I will. Thanks for ur help everyone
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    On your you do not need to use all 20 of those things to grow weed.
    Try the different nutrient systems out and see how you like reading your original post it appears you have already spent over 3 grand. I know when you first start off it's easy to buy things you don't need, but once you start you are gonna find out that you have so much stuff that you probably won't even use.
    First, are you growing organic or chemical nutrients? If you have any access to good organic fertilizers, you shouldn't even mess with the chemical stuff. That's your first concern, because there's no in-between..once you start using chemical fertilizers, your soil will no longer be organic.
    The main thing I'm seeing here is you have ALOT of organic stuff and ALOT of chemical stuff..either do one or the other, don't waste so much money on buying every single thing you can find that is related to weed-growing, there's so much shit out there to buy that you seriously do not need.

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