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  1. Hey guys, I am entirely new to this garderner lifestyle. I currently am puttin together a garden of my own and am seeking info, help, tips. So currently I am goin to list my current inventory and wish for useful information, tips and help from u guys. My current situation consist of:

    1: I have a 4x4x7 grow tent with a 1,000 watt mh/hps. I also have 250 watt cfl blue spectrum bulb with ballast jus for veg. Also a carbon scrubber filter wifh an 6" inline fan and 25' ducting for ventilation. With two 6" ocillating fans and one 4" mini computer fan, and also one 6" heater/fan.

    2. I have two de-humidifiers, one humidifier, a ph up & down kit, one thermometer/hygrometer.

    3. I have a combination of bag soil mixed with organic amendments of my personal preference. (Soil consist of: 12 quarts Fox farms Ocean forest, 12 quarts Fox farm Happy frog, 16 quarts Black gold's natural and organic soil, 1.5 cubic feet of Roots organics soil, 15lbs of wriggler worm's worm castings, & 1kg of dry Coco coir. Mixed with about: 3/4 lb of insect frass & mealworm frass, 3 and 1/2 lb of Azomite, few tbl spoons of fulvic & humic acids, 2lbs of greensand, and roughly about 2 ounces of Cali secrets- Bio live meal (contains: beneficial bacteria, mychorrizae, fishbone meal, fish meal, alfalfa meal, crab meal, shrimp meal, langbeinite, humates, kelp meal. )

    4. Nutrients: 1. Fox farm trio (Grow big, big bloom, tiger bloom.) 2. Fox farm trio (beastie bloomz, open sesame, cha-ching). 3. Advance nutrients: Hygrozyme. 4. Bio bizz: Root juice. 5. Advance nutrients: Sensizym. 5. Advance nutrients: Terpinator. 6. Advance nutrients: Flawless finish. 7. Advance nutrients: Rhino skin. 8. Advance nutrients: Bud Blood. 9. Advance nutrients: Overdrive. 10. Advance nutrients: Bud candy. 11. Advance nutrients: Kushie kush. 12: Bio biz: Fish mix. 13. Advance nutrients: Nirvana. 14. General hydroponics: Cal-mag. 15. Sea bird guano (12-11-6) 16. Jamaican bat guano (0-10-0) 17. Indonesian bat guano (0-7-0) 18. Cali Secrets connesuier veg nutes (12-6-20) *(contains: micro-nutes, humic & fulvic acids, kelp, yucca, molasses, & more). 19. Wayne's 100% organic worm castings and microbe rich soluble plant food. 20. I also have: amino acids, mkp bloom soluble (0-52-34), extra molasses, and extra mychorrizae. .

    5. Strains and genetics: (single seed centre). 1.flowerbomb kush, green crack, holy grail kush, k.o. crop automatic, purple pyralysis, sharksbreath, strawberry cheesecake, puff puff pass out, money maker, atomic bomb, pyscho crack, k.o. kush, Blueberry og,cotton candy, blz bud, kripple shock, afghan kush x skunk, afghan ryder, blue dream (reg), vanilla kush, super iced grapefruit, Acapulco gold, fruit punch, truepower og (reg), cheesequake (reg), pineapple express, pineapple chunk, blue ox, socal master kush (reg), lemon kush, nordic jack, cash crop automatic.. more to come.

    Thats currently what im dealing with, any info, tip, help will b greatly appreciated. I am hoping to become jus as good as anyone else. Hopefully in time I will. Thanks for ur help everyone
    Are you lost?  This is the organics forum.
    I see a huge and massive failure coming your way...
    Why are you mixing chemical fertilizers with organic amendments?  Why are you attempting to create an organic soil, apparently only to douse it with chemical fertilizers?
    You need to do more research, and then decide what side of the "fence" you want to garden on.
    Please tell me that you haven't actually purchased all of these materials to grow in a 4' x 4' tent...
  3. Im not atemptin to make an organic soil or super soil for that matter. Im simply aided to what I felt was missin. Im usin chemicals cause dats my preference. It dosent matter if this is an organic forum. I thought we was all here to learn and help. As for the long drawn out " failure " speech.. (not likely). Every grower has thier own style or techniques. This is currently mine. Im intrested in statistics not dramatics
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    Step 1: Buy a dictionary/retake English class.
    Step 2: Be polite to those that can help you. Waktoo is very knowledgeable.
    Step 3: Read up on organic growing. Actually growing in general. The second you use those chemical fertilizers you're going to lose pretty much any reason you had to choose organic.

    Half of those materials you have will not benefit you in the size area you have. Honestly if you want to use chemical nutes there is little reason to be in the organic forum. Every sub forum has extremely helpful people however the other forums will help you far more due to your growing style. There is a reason for the sub forums.

    In all honesty though I would start in the "absolute beginners" forum if I were you. Don't take that the wrong way as I'm trying to save you money before you make any more purchases. If you're still interested in the organic forum users' help I suggest you start by reading the stickies and editing your post.

    Again not meant to be rude only trying to help you. Best of luck.

  5. Ok. About that dictionary statement, im am young but very well educated.. I just type like this.. but as I stated this is my *FIRST* grow for growing anything. So I made an error early. No was a expert thier first grow. This causes trial and error. So my next time I will have a better understanding on my choices and decisions on what I should use, replace or discontinue. I didnt expect my first grow to be perfect but I ambitioned enough to be perfect. So like I said im not offended. I came asking for help for a reason and not for dramatic responses.
  6. What would you like to know? Growing is a lot of fun. :) Congrats!

  7. +1 Jerry and Soapy. Too many forum members seem to take personal offense to newbies that are posting seeking assistance. Many do not know how to search the forum for exact answers and many are searching for a mentor that can guide them. Don't waste a post to do nothing more than insult new forum members. I am the moderator on a similar site and nothing turns new members off more than seeing such behavior from veteran posters. It hurts the site and membership!
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    Oh please!  I was just being honest.  If OP can't handle a little "tuff love" here (which it seems he can), he's in for a hell of time over in some of the other sub-forums!  :eek: 
    OP has obviously NOT done his homework, and I have a problem with new growers that don't know ANYTHING and then come into this forum (or any other for that matter) and want it all spelled out for them.  I have NO problem helping out the new growers.  I do it all the time.  I just want to see some effort put in on their part...
    BTW, I notice you didn't offer any advice...  :cool: 
    @ dreams4dreamin-
    I'm sorry if you didn't like what I had to say.  You are planning on using a lot of different materials that come from two different worlds as far as cultivation methodology is concerned.  You were very non-descript in the help that you were seeking, and I gave you an honest answer based on the materials list that you provided.  It actually DOES matter that you're posting in the organics forum.  We don't use bottled nutrients and pH adjusters here.  We build living soils using organic materials.  With the materials that you are planning on using, you WILL get more accurate advice in the "absolute beginners" or "indoor medical marijuana growing" sub-forums.  If your plan is to use chemicals 'cause that's your preference, then by all means do that.  More power to you.  You WILL get more useful advice in the aforementioned sub-forums because that's how they garden over there.  No drama, just facts...
    Being that you're brand new to growing, I do actually have two tips that might help you in the future, regardless of "how" you want to garden.  Overwatering and over application of chemical fertilizers are THE two biggest problems that I see facing new growers over in the "sick plants and problems" sub-forum.  You get those two things dialed in, and you'll be waaaaaay ahead of the game.
    Oh, and if you don't over fertilize, you don't need to "flush" your soil.  You will hear differently, however... 
    Since I am a proponent of gardening without chemical fertilizers, I would like to share a thread with you.  It was started by Jerry (from a few posts back), and is a really good introduction into the world of living soils and "getting off the bottle".  The "ins and outs" of organic cultivation methods are really very interesting.  We can help you learn how to build a "living" soil that never needs pH adjusting, "flushing", or the addition of bottled "nutes".  With a few small changes, you can already build one with all of the stuff that you listed AND forget the bottles all together!  That's a LOT of $$$$$$!

    Good luck.

  9. My advise....less is more and there is too much there to even begin to comment on. Condescension is just a waste of forum space...if you are trying to help him, just do so. Share your knowledge without the 'I'm better than the newb' BS.
  10. This has nothing to do with the OP, and I'm not trying to deter from dreams4dreamin's question/post,
     but where does Advanced Nutrients come up with some of these names? Bud Kushie
    Kush? :lol:
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    Let's not forget Wet Betty (aka Sloppy Seconds) - Fat Boy Mike is a friggin' genius isn't he?
  12. So if I uaed the chemicals would the rule out the use of my guano's?
  13. Yeah, pretty much. You need a healthy diversity of microbial life to bread down organic amendments like guano's. When you use chemical fertilizers, microbial diversity and concentration in the soil takes a hit because plants aren't creating the natural root exudates (sugars/proteins) that normally attract the particular microbes necessary to break these materials down.
  14. And correct me if I'm wrong, but some of them can kill soil life pretty quickly.

    Sent from somewhere over there.
    No, not there...over THERE.
    I've read/heard this a million times, but it's never been from a reputable source for scientific information.  I'm sure in some extreme instances that this might be true, but generally speaking I don't think 100% applicable all the time.
    It seems more plausible to me that reduced microbial numbers in chemically fed soils are due to the fact that the plant is being force fed, so it stops using its energy to produce exudates to attract/feed microbes that would normally break down organic materials into plant available nutrients.  If memory serves, plants spend 40-60% of the energy they produce from photosynthesis on the production of these "microbe foods".  If plants are being fed soluble nutrients, they shut down exudate production because there's no need to attract/multiply the microbes necessary to make those nutrients available.

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