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    Hey guys its my first time growing my friend gave me some seeds from his plant which was an unknown strain. I started off with 7 not knowing they would survive assumed I would of messed something up along the way. The first 3 weeks I was using a really underpowered fluros l and my brother thought he was helping by adding fert 1 week in and it burnt them especially one of them. Also I bring them outside during the day in a spot with indirect sunlight
    -Using fox farm soil
    -HPS 400w
    I have been browsing around and my plants seem much smaller than others are they and any idea to maybe catch them up.

  2. The 400W should do some good rather than flouro's. either way they grow when they grow. theres not much you can do in the early stages due to possibilities of overwatering and/or nute burn. wait a couple weeks before using nutes, only then will you have a possibility to actually make the plant thrive. just get the lights as close as you can without burning them(for seedlings, you cant get them more than 12 max.) let the seed do its thing.
  3. bigger pots in a week or 2. Stop using nutes for now. Take all of the pots and run distilled water through them. Soak the soil first then just poor it in till the water that runs out of the pot is clean. Don't water them until the soil is good and dry again. After doing this by the way they will look hurt and wilted. Don't worry though they will get better

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