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  1. I currently growing one NL "Alf". Originally 2 but Alpha died after a week.
    Its almost week 2 and Alf is making me nervouse so I want to make sure I make all improvements before my next batch of seeds in a week or so.

    I have a 45w LED growstar light and a cfl 17w 2000 lumens.

    Fan is pretty strong with cracks in the door so no exhaust areas.

    I want to yield at least 40g off my first grow and with improvements maybe up to 3-4 plants all hopefully yielding 2 Os.

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  2. Its going to be pretty hard to yeild anything close to 40 grams from that light. What soil are you using? That seedling looks heavily nute burned which isnt good especially when they are so young.
  3. Fox farm no othe nutes added
  4. you aren't gonna yield much more than a joint with those lights man. For real, check out my journal for proof. I went from t5 fixtures to cheap led to HPS. The difference is night and day. Lighting is probably the most important thing that directly effects the size of your yield, and quality. Upgrade the lights first, work on everything else. and fyi the t5 are vastly superior to what you are using. That may be a good route to go if you have heat concerns. t5's can grow some good buds if you got your shit dialed in. But the problem is that its never enough and you will always want bigger and better. At least thats my problem lol.
  5. T5 led? What watts should i look for if i want 2-4 plant? How many lol
  6. t5ho. Its a type of bulb, florescent bulbs. Low power consumption and you can get different spectrum lights. I did also purchase a t5 led bulb, those are kind of pricey. As far as wattage I believe the t5ho is 54 watt per bulb. I had a 4 bulb, 4 foot fixture when I first started. Then I bought a cheap COB LED. Then I just upgraded to the legit shit with a 1000w hps bulb.
  7. how big is your grow room/tent/area? That would determine how many fixtures you can get in there. Go to amazon and just seach "t5ho fixture".
  8. Probably 2x2x6
  9. yeah so you would want a few of the 2 foot fixtures in there.

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