Help me identify why ugly yellow bottom leaves

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by moabfighter, Sep 1, 2019.

  1. 2CBB69CC-DF66-41BF-98C2-484593836ABA.jpeg Thanks for any help.not sure what cause of this is. Thanks
  2. Magnesium deficiency. Proper ph is important too. Remove yellow leaves and sanitize.
  3. Thank you. So I have cal/mag..... should I use it/add more. Or? Don’t think I have stand alone magnesium
  4. Yeah.. if it ain’t ph issues I’d lighten up on them nutes my friend. Your leaf tips look slightly over fed.
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  5. Not sure but look into that purple leaf stems , has to do with cal/mag levels
    I am getting something similar also
  6. I just ordered a new PH pen and my old one was off, so I will say my problem may be a PH issue.
    My leafs look similar but not as bad. Good Luck I want to watch .
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  7. Epsom salts. Standard practice is to use it twice in the plants life.
    You should really check your ph. Cannabis hates acidic soil and water. It’s going to affect the plants uptake of nutrients. it looks like your plant has a lot of other nutrients in it.

    I don’t recommend overusing nutrients.
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  8. Can I ask only 2x's on Epsom ?, I thought some growers give it more than that?
  9. I'm not too sure on why, I'd like to know!

    Calmag can be used everywatering. Or even every other.

    Which is just about the same as Epsom salts so hmm.

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  10. Pat Hi, can I ask how much you feed per gallon I am doing 2.5ml every other feed in nuted soil
  11. Low phosphorus does it to
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  12. Thank You, I was not aware of that good to know
    Is anyone growing in soil using salts (liquid nutes)?
  13. Depends on how much they are giving, but since magnesium is only a secondary nutrient it’s not really too important. People tend to make other errors that cause nutrient lockout, acidity, etc and tend to supplement to fix it.

    plants usually only become deficient because of underlying issues it’s a matter of opinion on how people treat those issues.

    Personally I think fertilizer and nutrients as a whole are overly emphasized anyways. I’m a Less is more kind of guy.
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  14. Kind of like Keep it simple, I should have stuck to water only super soil
    I was just to lazy to make a new batch, and I have so many nutes I want to use up, so they don't just get into the ground water supply.
    What do we do with old nutes anyway? Anyone.
  15. No problem brody
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  16. OK Sorry to the original question asker
    I did not mean to ask so many questions , I have a thread where I asked but no one has responded at all about the soil nutes questions.
    Love and understandings
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  17. I use less than 5 nute products regularly I’d say.
    I just often get those bottom yellow crunchy leaves and didn’t know why
    F7FF0713-2D31-4834-8FCA-EE8DD2B2BBEF.jpeg 9361C4B3-6C1C-4F75-94E6-61FE1819D742.jpeg
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  18. Landfill type places take them kind of like old car batteries it would be a recycling place probably
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  19. WOW Looks real nice, can I ask what nute line you run? And RU in soil?
  20. Mob, maybe we can talk about your nute schedule when I get back later,If I may ask?

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