Help me identify this post! Please :(

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by Meadowg, Jul 8, 2019.

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    So I'm going to link all my forum posts regarding this subject to date. *edit* I cant actually link a forum post /shrug but you can look for my started threads about this plant in a massive hurry to get this post out omw to work. Thank you and all the best.

    Maybe one of you bad ass people can help me

    These little fuckers come out and run around on top soil just after watering the plants.

    I've been using DE for a while, I dont see any fungal knats flying around.

    I just got mosquito bits and applied them on feeding just a few hours ago.

    I apply neem oil twice a week

    After an incident were I started to see black smudges all over my leafes I got h202 and started to spray everything down.

    20190708_164041.jpg 20190708_164039.jpg 20190708_164045.jpg 20190708_164043.jpg 20190708_163711.jpg 20190708_164047.jpg 20190708_163859.jpg 20190708_164116.jpg 20190708_163924.jpg 20190708_163717.jpg 20190708_164102.jpg 20190708_163906.jpg 20190708_164037.jpg 20190708_164029.jpg 20190708_163637.jpg 20190708_164118.jpg 20190708_163928.jpg 15626224507848691616012844855311.jpg 20190705_010618.jpg
  2. Think they are soil mites of some kind.
  3. Screw this forum. Has been 0 help at all.

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  4. You titled this thread
    Identify this POST.
    You mean pest?
  5. You’ve shown the leaves previously.
    I have no idea what they are, sorry.
    I’m sure if you correct the title and reduce the number of pictures, someone will help.
    Remember google is your friend.

  6. I found the answer to my question with Google on other forums.

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  7. Awesome
    Don’t let the browser hit you in the ass as you close it.
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  8. “Grass fags” lol intelligent
  9. Who told you about our secret circle jerks?
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  10. They aren't secret.
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  13. No shit right? I couldn't agree more. Giant dicks are more popular here than growing weed.
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  14. This has gotten way off track.
    Where is the mutual respect and the mellowness?
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