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    Hello GC...i need help identifying the measurements of this dropper. It's the one given free along with Ph Up and Down GH bottles. I can identify it saying ML as a measurement but i'm confused, half way along the dropper it says 5, and above that towards the top it says 1 !! Can someone clarify please because I need to know how 2 measure nutes right. This dropper is all I got.
    Does anyone else use this dropper to measure liquid nutes??
    Thnx all


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  2. Sounds like it is supposed to say .5 (half ML) on the lower mark and a 1 (full ML) on the top mark. I hope this helps. Good luck :metal:
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    wow thnx...seriously. I had to look extremely close and under light...but you're right it does say .5 !!
    would have never have noticed that    :hello:
  4. Yep, I use same dropper and its .5 and 1.  I assume every "notch" is .25 ml
  5. Your welcome, that is the pleasure of having worked in a veterinarians office before, we have used the same dropper when trying to save small animals like hamsters. 
  6. People really spend money trying to save hamsters?
  7. Looks like a normal 1ml pipette :)
  8. They can drink the same as kitten formula and we always had a supply of that so I always volunteered to try to save them, baby birds, kittens and puppies. Never had luck but I always felt like I should try. 

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