Help me identify my plant!

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by johnnycrapper, Nov 30, 2008.

  1. I planted this baby from a very healthy seed, the only one present in my last stash. I want to know is it indica, or sativa, and possibly what strain. I know that last one is really difficult. I posted a while ago to know what strain it was but I got ditched and everyone made fun of me cause the bud looked like compressed mexican dirt. It looked like that because around here buds change from dealer to dealer before it gets to the final consumer. Heres a picture of the bud and the plant. (2 weeks old)

  2. Hi I havent had much experience growing or anything but that kind of looks how my two indica plants looked not long ago sorry no pics ubber paranoid about people find out lol
  3. There is no way to tell strain, but I would look into new soil like, foxfarm ocean forest and moving your lights closer.
  4. All strains look the same to me.
  5. looks like it's planted in a bucket of dog shit, def want to do something about that soil, they strecthin huge, so if you try to cover that stem up, it may rot away, looks indica dom but could a hybrid of some sort you will only know when you are finishing up, if you cant get the soil, at least add som perlite or something for drainage, the look healthy now, but you got some homework to do.

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