Help Me Identify My Plant

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by livelong1701, Jul 3, 2014.

  1. Im a first time grower. im sure you hear that alot but i ALWAYS search for question before i ask, hence why this is my first post.
    i know for the most part what to look for when trying to idenitfy the sex of your plant but now im about 9-10 days into flowering and i am not 100% sure the sex of my plant. it looks male to me but at the very top of the plant it kinda looks female and has what look like to me to be pistils but im not sure. i just wanna post a couple pics of the plant and you tell me if you think its a male,female or too soon to tell.
    sorry pics arent best quaility but it was the best i could do, any help in identifying the sex of the plant would be greatfully appricated. thank you.

  2. Male for sure
  3. i thought so, i was hoping maybe it was too soon to tell.
  4. Nah that fellers got ballsacks all over... This is what a female looks like...

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  5. Don't apologize for those pictures....those are great examples of a male!
  6. [SUB]agree with ^, great pics. sorry for the boys tho[/SUB]

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