Help me ID this pen?

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    So I got this pen from a friend... who got it from a friend... who got it from a friend, so I have no information on it besides the case, which says Vego with an E over the V. Googling it doesn't give me any solid results. I assume it's for concentrates, but I'm not sure. It came with a FlavRX cartridge that had a few dab hits left in it, but it also has the two coils that seem like they'd definitely work for dabs, but idk about herb
  2. Looks like a cheap twenty dollar atomizer pen.
  3. There was a sticker in the case that said 80$, I hope to God the pen didn't cost any more than 40
  4. Ya man, I dunno what they are selling it for but it looks like a generic atomizer with a wand style battery.
  5. So is it concentrate only or can I put herb in it too? I have 0 experience with vapes
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  6. That's a bad thing right? Isn't the point of vaping to not combust? Like I said, I don't know much about them and I'm pretty stoned
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  7. Speaking of dab pens, There is a new dab pen getting launched soon Dabiltini is doing a free giveaway before the release date. Good Luck guys.

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