help me, help my garden!

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by greeneacres, Aug 24, 2008.

  1. here is my garden...
    are they wilting? if so why? to me it seems some are.
    this one is my favorite...i hope its a sheee...but even she has problems
    the leafs are a pale yellow in between the veins. so are the leafs that came out of the seed after germination. what could this be? i feed them nutrient solution. i give them 70% humidity and 78 degree weather. they have 160 watts of 6500k cfl (more than enough for a small plant.) what up with that?

    the pale yellow color and red stems are the main problem in my garden but here are some other minor problems...
    holes and yellow spots. could it be bugs dude? i dont think so they look like a deformity rather than bites. i looked under a diesel magnifying glass.
    yellow or dead spot

    please help. but feel free to take it slow. one thing at a time. my main concern are the pale yellow leafs and red stems. peace and love
    <img src="">
  2. the images dont show but i believe the links work
  3. without seeing the plants its kinda tough to tell but it sounds to me like you have a nutrient problem.. what is the fert. you are useing? i would try a fert. with a high nitro. count, like some dried blood perhaps...

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