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  1. Hellow fellow growers I am in a bit of a jam, up until now I have read my grow bible back and forth for any and everything for my grow with occasionally using yhis site but it seems im finally out of options. My baby is in week 3 of veg and it seemed to have gotten chem burn soni flushed the soil and then I noticed more holes as if something has been eating the shit out of her and I dusted it with some pesticide but the holes are growing and im lost for moves...
    Befor I give my specs do not get mad at me I am using what I could find on my very low budget.
    The soil is miraclegro organic garden and mg all plant food and for the seed I gound it in a nug. But if someone can gelp shed some light on my next available move that would be much appreciated. View attachment 2137662 View attachment 2137663 View attachment 2137662 View attachment 2137663
  2. "soil is miraclegro organic garden and mg all plant food"

    Isn't that an oxymoron? Lol
  3. Holes in leaves could be thrips or fungal type thing. When you transplant look at the roots if they are anything but healthy white maybe try a fungicide that you feel good about using. Any kind of pest management? Neem oil/cake/karanja?

    Id youre having nute burn flushing can be a double edged sword, if you flush check the ppm of your runoff if possible if its testing really high after multiple flushe my guess would be that the MG extended relwase nutes wont flush. In that case get that girl into some more nutrient-neutral soil with no extended release ferts (coco,perlite,rockwool, organic soil) and continue your feed after she gets settled.

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