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Discussion in 'General' started by adamBC, Sep 17, 2003.

  1. your my last hope hahaha.

    my bathtub faucet is leaking!! i think it has something to do with the knob. its a shower bath combo with only one knob for heat control, and it was recently removed and put back on, and it seem to have either caused a leak, or just have been totally coincedental.

    but i need to fix this whatever the problem!! anyone have any clues?? i checked the internet, found a few sites that seem to know what they are talking about, but i dont want to do anything uneccassary, as it could be simple?? i dont know plumbing worth shit. hopefully i dont need to call a plumber...


    I think this guy has the same problem as me... his explanation makes a bit more sense, and theres a picture...
  2. omg! i wasa plumber yersterday!!!lol i swear to ya
    it did take me a long time bolts were really tight but i changed the kitchen faucet....
    just turn the water off to it an look at it... an well buy a new one.
  3. I wonder if there is a rubber washer that is supposed to be behind there that's missing...missing washers cause leaks. Was it tightened properly?

    Higha...were you showing your ass like most plumbers?
  4. wish i could help, i know very very little about plumbing. maybe u just need a new washer?

  5. It has an O-ring around the stem.. taking it apart will cause an old O-ring to leak... Turn off water, take off knob, unscrew stem, replace O-ring, then put back together...

    Simple task!!!!!

    You know she was shwing her ass.. She was wearing those see through plumbers panties!!
  6. washer seems like the best bet

    ill take a check a bit later. for now im blazing and have the water turned off :D

    Im getting an ounce of some RAD bud tonight for 180, and then another half ounce for 40 ! hahah! good stuff.

    if sold gram for gram, the bag ill get would be worth 420 ;)

    hahaha. anyways, good times, i got another shower downstairs for now.
  7. aah guys one cannot plumb without plumbers butt, it scared off the dog the children ran the new kitty made its first scary noise at me,,,ahh yes i was showin mah butt :D
    as should adam when he plumbs.
  8. thanks for the advice everyone ;)

    for now im just going to leave it be. its no hassle to me, and trying to fix it will just piss me off for now :D

    so im just gonna sit back, blaze, and get a niiiiiice stank built up.

  9. lmao:D!!
  10. stank? stink..? no shower = get stinky... Im lost on the gay referance?!?! :p

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