help me.. got a sick bunch of girls

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  1. I have been indoor growing for 4 years now. I was in the mountains of colorado where the temps were great and water never needed any ph up or down. First grow sucked.over nooted. 2nd and 3rd were perfect after reading tons of new info and trial runs. Moved to denver area where its warmer. anyway i have a 1600sq foot unfinished basement. bought six different strains of clones. growing in soil the water is very basic so i add a little vinegar to get it where it needs to be. i have a 600 hps and 1000 hps about 1-2 feet away. temps 72-82 humidity 35-40. fans everywhere. water sits out for 2-3 days before use. i use botanicare noots. first month growth is good they are all about two feet tall. then all hell breaks loose. the plants stop growing. all new growth is very bright yellow. then sporratic leaves all over the plant tips start drying out then edges then the whole leaf. i water every 2-3 days plain then nooted. I do the same for all plants and it seems that 4 out of the six plants start to deteriorate. I can try to post some pics. PLease help guys I NEED MY MEDS! ​

  2. What is the NPK value of the nutes ???
    Any micro nutes in it ???
    Pics ???

  3. yes, pics would be niice. lol

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