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  1. Hey guys! I'm a new grower this is my first grow and this here is my bubba kush. It's been a tax bit slower the my white widow but that's to be expected. So no worries there. And I plan on posting newer pics tonight. So my set up is 400w led 34-36 inches away and 120w cfls about 6inches. They are finally 4 weeks old. And they are topped. As you can see below. Screenshot_2017-06-25-15-46-45.png Screenshot_2017-06-25-15-46-15.png now I've already topped the tops cuz the pics above are a week old. Still are 4 weeks old. And another thing they are in ffof. But last night I noticed this on my leaf. And seems to be getting worse. I researched the best I could and came up with cal or mag def. So I decided to flush. Run off came out to be around 5.0 5.5. Really bad stuff and after the flush got it to be around 6.0 to 6.2. Now I'm a bit lost on what to do. I have ffof trio and cal mag. I was going to wait till the soil dries up a bit to use these nutes. How should I go about this guys? Sorry for noob questions but hey we all started somewhere right lol. Screenshot_2017-06-25-01-35-08.png
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  2. Sometimes Ocean Forest is a little hot. I always use a Happy Frog Ocean Forest mix with added perlite for this very reason. I also don't give nutes yet, only compost tea. Then after the next transplant I start thinking about organic nutes. It does look like you are going to need CalMag. That low ph can really do a number on those small plants.
    My advice is treat with CalMag and lay off the nutes. I don't know if you were planning on transplanting anytime soon but fresh soil could help.

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  3. You didn't need to flush your plant because there is nothing wrong with it. The leaf you got all jumpy over is nothing but old growth dying off which is common and will happen throughout the life of the plant. As it grows up and out, the lower leaves don't get the light, etc., and will die out and fall off. So you washed all the nutrients out of your soil now and will have to feed the plant yourself if you leave it in that container. A good grow soil will do the majority of feeding for you when plants are younger and we repot ours up as they outgrow the container into fresh soil, and the fresh soil handles the feeding. I give some nutes toward the end of the veg cycle (we do 10 weeks here) when I'm trying to really spur them on to prep for flower, but a couple of weeks before they go into flower, they got potted into the 7 gal. containers we use and that feeds them for a good period of time on into flower. The plant will always tell you when there is a real problem and most of the time it will be on the new growth. Any weirdness you see happening with old growth represents time past and doesn't mean anything. It takes a plant about 3 days to actually show sign from something you did to feeding it. If you give it a mix that is too hot, you will see the tips of the leaves brown....but you don't see that until 2 or 3 days after the incident.

    If it were me, I would repot that plant into another container with fresh soil...and always fill your pots up. The root system is the brain of the plant and you want to give it the best conditions possible from birth till death. But if you use a good quality grow soil, the plant during veg just needs soil, water and light. As it matures, maybe toward the end pep it up with a few nutes (plant food only), but what you want is enough light because it is the determining factor of a plants growth and production. Best of luck. TWW
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  4. Thanks for the quick reply! And for the advice! My plants are already in there final homes as I already made the mistake of transplanting my seedling from a jiffy to a 5 gal smart pot. My flush was only with 6 gallons of phd water and I didn't use the 3 times amount (15gal) so I'm sure there still some nutrients in the soil. I could lay some more ffof on top and then water giving a boost to the soil?
  5. Thank you for your advice! One thing I hate about being a noob is we over react to the smallest of change. The three day reference really can put some things in perspective. My plant is already in it's final home and I do have some space to put some soil on top and then water when it dries a bit. I also notice the first one finger leaves are turning yellow on the very bottom. Idk if it will travel up but I'll definitely post more pics tonight. A pic is a 1000 words.
  6. Is that fan resting on the edge of your pots/bags? That can cause some damage and is nothing major, and looks like it could be the culprit for the bad spot towards the middle of the leaf. Are you foliar spraying? Have some water/h20 splash that fan? That could also cause spotting. New growth looks good, so i wouldnt worry about it.
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  7. I think at times when it's resting it might fall on top of the bag. But when she's perking up it doesn't. And I was spraying for awhile but I stopped that a few weeks ago cuz it wasn't doing me any good. Thanks for your advice! I'm gonna post some better pics soon of the whole plant to help y'all get a better look at her!
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  8. Screenshot_2017-06-26-00-13-24.png these are the dying leaves here. Both spear leaves appear to be fading away.
    Screenshot_2017-06-26-00-13-19.png this 24 hours after flush.
    If you look at the very bottom of the pic you can see those brown spots are spreading to other leaves as that was not there yesterday. What do you guys think?? I'm pretty worried about what this is.
  9. You need a cal/mag supplement as was mentioned before. If it was straight up mag deficiency I would tell you to just add some epsom salt but the random spots you display are most likely lack of calcium. It could be that your tap water just happens to be low in it.

    I see some leaf deformaties that could be from ph being off. What is the ph of your feed water?
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  10. Unless you have an over supply of nutrients its harmful to flush soil, especially in the early stages of the grow.

    Unless you just watered the soil, then ignore me.
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  11. Early stage veg problems are 90% of the time ph problems if you have a good medium mix and 10% of the time overfeeding/overwatering. 75% of the time people don't put any perlite in the medium and their soil out of a bag holds too much water drowning the plants roots and preventing rapid growth from lack of air to the roots.

    The plant is too young to exhaust the soil since you're using foxfarms. It should veg just fine that small if the ph is right. That's my suspect but you could have really low calcium feed water like me. I use rainwater and have to feed cal/mag to everything.
  12. Thanks guys for all the great advice! I do use tap water that is set out for 24 hours or more. I always ph to about 6.2 to 6.8. And when I flushed the run off was reading 5.0 to 5.5 till I got it at 6.2 it so happens that I do have cal and mag nutes in handy. Since the flush should I wait for it to dry out before I give it a feeding of calmag. Or give it a gallon of it now or less I'm not sure. What do you guys prefer?
  13. This is not good advice - I never have a discolored leaf. The discolored leaf is obviously the start of a deficiency - not old growth dying off as TWW suggests. I'm not a soil grower but my guess is that you have a pH problem - considering your run off before your flush was 5.0 - 5.2. Yellowing leaves low on the plant because of lack of light is one thing - spots on the leaves is another - indicating a deficiency. Good luck.
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  14. I also use ffof and have discovered two things. 1, cal-mag is your friend. You should give it to your flowering plants with every feeding. 2. the soil is good until about a week after flipping to 12/12. What I usually do is add a dash of bat guano and vegie-tone to the top of the soil before its first feeding. I also feed them ONLY Biothrive Bloom. Thats it, and cal-mag. Thats all you need, trust me! You can check out my journal to see, but seriously, that soil is awesome, don't need to over-complicate it.
    Also, if you stick to just organic food (like the aformentioned BioThrive Bloom) there is ZERO need to flush, ever. Thats one of the benefits to going all organic, not to mention the taste of smoothness of the final product!
    And, its not a mistake to put it into its final resting place after its starter cup! Thats what I do, you generally don't want to transplant if at all possible, theres no reason to if you are using organic and have no problems with the plant! I use solo cups to start, either seeds or clones, and once they are hanging over the sides of the cup I transfer to its final home in a 7 gallon smart pot.
  15. 5.0 ph is your culprit. You have ph lockout. Feed ph high and watch your runoff. 6.3 6.4 is perfect for soil. People say in soil you don't need to worry about ph but even the greatest growers nowadays have learned even in a notill phing water makes a big difference.
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